Thursday, April 15, 2010

iTalkWhoa! Event

*Calling all BUNKFACE fans!! Perhatian peminat Bunkface* (tapi kena sabar sikit)

Luck must be on our side today cz our proposal went better than expected. :) Yay.

Anyway, remember the whoa who whoa iTalkWhoa! post i blogged bout earlier?

Last week i was invited to the official launch of the iTalkwhoa! at Borneo Rainforest in Sunway.

Was really excited to attend the event as there was not only food and Bunkface (Bunkface fans.. u can scream now), there were many other bloggers too.

The dress code for the night was black and/or orange. Thats when i realized i dont have any, like really any clothes or even accessories with a decent orange. I do love to eat oranges but funny i don buy orange. (pun not intended)

So, got this dress from Oh, Popsicles cz it has orange and black. Perfect. hehe

And good news is now im reselling it. Wore only that night but i decided i still dont really like orange. Hence, interested fashionistas, drop ur email in the comment and i will email u the price. :) (sorry deviation.. next time i will put a post to resell everything of mine :p )

As usual, dinner was provided.

As everybody else had said, the very hot emcee of the nite.

TM executive vice-president for consumer Mr. Jeremy Kung opening speech.

Q and A session. Anyone else got anymore ques? They are more than glad to answer all doubts.

Logging in to my iTalkWhoa! in the rainforest itself.

To update my twitter.. hehehe. That's just one of the many features available on iTalkWhoa!

Of course, how can anyone missed out good games that break the ice among everyone. I think this one was smt like the contestants had to put all the ice into the orange juice and then bottoms up.





Now i present all of u *fans screammmmmmmm* Bunkface.

Sam, the lead singer of Bunkface.

In case u r wondering Bunkface who, well Bunkface is a local Malaysia band that is responsible for the whole hoohaa and craze over the song Through My Window and other chart topping songs like Prom Queen and Revolusi. (in case u had been missing out on the whole hoohaa click here and here to read bout the whole craze )

Bunkface bringing the house down.

And im feeling like being nice so sebenarnya i ada banyak gambar Bunkface so siapa nak original copy email me :)

I was really glad to met fellow U**Inians Chie Chek and Raj at the event that nite. Always good to see a familiar face.

Mr. Cicak whom i got to know from the Public Health Campaign. Raj too shy to take pics so i promised i wont upload his pics. (hehe see u can trust me)

Another familiar face - Sue Lynn aka Bangsar Babe

With pretty Jaclyn Chew aka JacJac

@ Eric Yong - see i changed the color of the pic.. nicer, no? haha

In clockwise direction from uppermost left - Yatz had long long hair last time... like.. a ... girl.. Thank God he chopped them off! hehe. Thats Simon Seow, Jessica and a pic of me outside Borneo Rainforest.

All bloggers also got to walked away with this goodie bag. Ah, i love goodie bags.

It's a brand new headphone. Now we can call from iTalkWhoa! and talked to our family and friends loud and clear at some cheapo rates. Hurray. Got food, got performance, got bloggers and got freebies. haha.

Last pic of the nite- Sunway Lagoon resort and spa opposite the Borneo Rainforest. Tot the resort look really alive and pretty so cannot resist taking a shot of it.

I already got DD and some of my friends hook up with Whoa. How bout u guys? If u havent what r u waiting for? Cz just a few steps of signing up and u get free RM 5. I say, there's nothing to lose and only everything to gain. Free credit for u to try out their features. So, go on, get Whoa Whoa now with all ur friends and family. :)

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eh u got follow dress code ge wo..didnt notice! LOL

my long hair not nice meh? =(

NICE DRESS!!!! and the party sure looks like so much fun!

jenkin yat : u too busy checking out else things that nite la. lol. no offence, but i tink guys look way better with short hair. :)

wen pink : thanks. u interested in it? hehehe.. :)

hey received your pic liao...not sure can open or not...will try it later..btw quite busy recently XD...hav a nice day

Allicat, I think that I find you prettier than the other girls that you took pictures with. (But please don't tell them that).


thnx =D I trust you now =D
cant help it la weh... i phobia pictures n cameras T_T

chiechek : u too good luck in ur exam

mike : haha shhh i wont tell :D

raj : haha no worries, mr camera shy :p good luck in ur exam too :)

wow ages havent been to sunway... it has changed alot ya... and nice party!! wish i was there with you!! hohoho

I am also quite enjoy Bunkface singing that night

fufu : yup changed a lot dy :)

garfield : i like their Through Their Window. :) fun the night;) your dress nice o.

anonymous : haha.. their songs nice what. :p

dolly : quite fun la. thanks :) u like the dress?

Nice meeting you ;) I tried to find ur blog but to no avail.

simon : nice meetin u too. now u found it :)

cleffairy : aiks.. hopefully we can recognize each other next time :)

yup,i like the dress,too bad dont suit my age;)