Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Hot Babes

I'm now at the end of my 2nd week of comm med, which means to say we are officially 4 weeks fr D-day aka Profesional 2 exam. *sigh*

How come we only got 2 weeks of study break? I mean our books are like endlessly thick, not forgetting a gazillion words, definitions and facts to rmb, how to fin in 2 weeks?? Sure, after exam will be very liberating, filled with much excitement and fun activities already lining up, but i need more than 2 weeks. Perhaps i shd start self ground and face the 4 walls from now on. @@

The thing is, after inputting too 'many' stuff, sometimes everything gets all jumbled up and everything seems to overlap everything. The worse part is when our memory can only retain 2% and leaves out the rest of the 98%. Argh.

On the good side, it means 4 weeks more and i can meet my beloved family and all my hot sexy babes back home. Woohoo. ;)

This was our last girls day out b4 i came back to turtle land. And we hung out at the exact same place we did on our previous girls day out. Perhaps we shd just make Seasons our girls days out hideout. As usual, we were the loudest, noisiest bunch cz we disturbed the peace of others with our constant chats, outburst of laughter and cam whoring :p

#1 - My hot darlings.

# 2

#3- This girl is one superb supergirl. Dont ever show her a vb, if not she will go crazy straightaway, our best commander, party/have fun like crazy but yet excel in her studies too.

# 4 - 'Diam diam ubi berisi' Joo Yee, bubbly Janet, mua and crazy funky Yen Lin.

#5 - With the 3 black musketeers. Cute Chia Sin, moo moo friendly and sensible Michelle and far sighted kind hearted Sui Theng.

#6 - Darling Joyce who is smart, disciplined and very very sweet.

#7- Shee Li, the cute fair girl who likes to take more pics than me. hehehe

#8- Skin fold examination. haha



#11 - Tigers in the Tiger year (pun intended)

#12- With my fav drink on Earth. hahaha. Roibo bubble tea. :p

I noe 4 weeks will come very soon too. Jeng Jeng Jeng. Stress!

So, to all who is also having exam during this period of time, good luck and happy studying. :)

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wonderful articles as reading them...enjoy life as much as u can..while getting done with medic degree:) hehe

okay so much fun! haha!

well i guess u better, got 2 weeks study week, mine last time only a week owh. :/

lucks in ur coming exam yea!

avinder : thanks. yeap babe. once we start working, i cannot imagine if we can still hv time like dis. :p

caroline : thanks.. hehe 2 weeks is really just too short too for 2 years stuff!

wow.... girls day out! great and meaningful activity!

carrie : hehe yup always love some all girls moment :)

A medic? Well those I know at Imperial College all party real hard knowing their life will be gone once they are confined to their respective work place ie hospitals... so good lucjk till then :P

spinzer : yup another med kid.. :) sure sure enjoying life b4 official 'terrorism' starts :)

OMG...babe I miss all of you guys back home..I wanna go home!!

shirlyn : babe! i (we) misssssssss u soooooo muchie too! cant wait for u to come back. muacks :)

All THE BEST in your coming exams~~ god bless!

1 = HOT
9 = So, so....

HOT = Allicat

Just my humble opinion....

Guess who?

anony : hahaha.. hmm the mysterious M? just a guess :)