Monday, April 12, 2010

Orphanage Visit

I'm trying to stay positive, optimistic, look on the bright side of things here. Despite the fact that im really really busy and tired.

And that i got nominated (no thanks to fftt K and my bad luck) for doing a job i dont like for my research project. It's in fact THE job i dread the most. But since 'unwillingly' i got nominated for it and had to do it, im trying to be positive by trying to not dread the job so much because i figure if the more i don like the job, the more miserable im gna be. So i might as well think positive, like i shd fl honor right since not everybody can get a post like dat and it just means my grp members trust me (my capabilities.. cheh perasan but what to do u hv to say nice things to be positive what) enough to do all the final magical touches.

Yes, i had finished my dermato posting, 2 sweet short weeks flew by too quickly. Now, im in the last posting of my yr 4 before my professional II exam and i can just imagined in the next 6 weeks to come, it is just not going to be the best time of my life. I think my hormones r gna go somehow haywire a lil but i certainly hope that doesnt make me emo for 6 weeks. Gah!

Im finally in Comm med posting, jeng jeng. I always thought doing researches are fun but no, so wrong. This year, for our Comm Med posting, we are required to do a research project and we had decided to do a cross sectional study on the level of knowledge, attitude and preventive practices on diabetes bla bla bla. I'll skip the full title cz it's too canggih anyway. There's actually a lot and a lot and a lot of types of research. The ones we commonly heard are the ones involving animals (plants?) like to produce vaccine, to study their immune response bla bla bla. Those are in fact called experimental researches. Then got qualitative, quantitative and the endless lists of them. And to do the research, got so many methods to do, even if you want to chose a sample size also got method to calculate and to carry out survey also got diff way of sampling. Even writing bibliography and citations got their specific way of doing so.

It's just sooooo hmm tedious. We were assigned to a village in Marang where our research will be based on the population in that village and if you dno whats a kampung right, i will take a lot of pics in this 4 weeks and at the end of it all i will feed you all with lots of kampung/ village pics. haha. It's actually quite a nice village where the Ketua Kampung (village chief) has been very friendly. I think the only more exciting part of a research is perhaps doing the practicals. Like if u r researching on the animals, it will be doing things involving the animal, if u r doing a research like us, then perhaps it's the field works. Me no like doing the documentation part. Like preparing proposals and final report. Eeeks. Yucks. Yet thats like the fundamental of all researches. Which makes researches no fun. ;p (no offence to any researches out there. Im glad u enjoy doing what u r doing including the documentation)

Can you imagine sitting in front of the laptop for hours a day just for the sake of searching and reading journals, studies, articles bla bla bla on one topic (not forgetting it's not my fav topic either), then try to search for evidence or whatever from u had read. Damn boring one. Like u noe if u wna pick an age group also need to search for reasons. And the best part is when it's not like once you do smt eg an objective, it will be accepted. Fat hope. You still need to alter it (dno need how many times for our grp one cz we only in our 2nd day) and if it's still not satisfactory or intelligent enough, alter samore until it becomes more satisfactory. That goes the same for everything else. Imagine those doing lit review or discussion. Kesiannya.

And i want to be positive because sadly, my trusty Nokia is currently having some sort of cerebral infarction causing it to be hemiplegic. Like one minute it was still alive and kicking but after going to sleep (batt died so fon off) and when it tried to wake up (recharging), the infarct occurred. Now i cannot even slide it anymore because every time i slide it, the whole fon will hang. So if i cant slide my fon, i practically cannot use the fon (cz it's a slide fon duh). Cannot access the keypads. But to be positive, it means time to buy a new phone :(. Weeeee.

There's also this piece of news i read last week that makes me angry too. This one. (click) Okla there's actually a lot of news that makes me angry all the time, mainly the political ones but im going to talk about this one in particular this time. It's regarding Terengganu MB proposing turning Redang Island into an exclusive getaway just for the affluent with room rate at an ominous min of USD 500 a nite. Crazy rite. And the reasons even sanier. I mean if the purpose is just for enviromental and marine conservation, there are many other methods which without certain implementations (wirtten pretty well by this guy) wouldnt make any difference if it's only open to the affluent or the common man. I mean i been to Redang last year and it is really a beautiful island (read here, here and here) and it will be such a shame if most Malaysians ourselves dont get to visit the island just because it is so expensive. Surely we Malaysians dont just deserve second best and keep the best only for the rich or foreigners? Malaysia boleh? Pls DONT approve this central gov. It's an extremely dumb suggestion that shd never been suggested in the 1st place if u ask me.

Good thing is good things happen all the time. And they never fail to put a smile on my face. Like the guy who threw in a white rose foc for my cheesecake, the girl with the rosy cheeks who open and closes the door for us and smile so passionately at the petrol station, the humble blogshop owner of Angel Glory who is so sincere and humble doing business with her is a pleasure (she is veli nice.. unlike some blogshop owner who is very arrogant), the Penghulu's wife who cooked us very yummy keropoks and maybe thats about it. Well after all its not like we can walk down the street and c ppl smiling/ greeting each other and strangers all the time cz in Msia, this is just not a culture and ppl might think u r crazy or u might be too friendly for your own safety.

And at last, im moving on to something associated with the title. haha. Sorry for the deviation along the way. hehe. A fortnight ago (3.4.10), uni organized an orphanage visit. And it's awesome cz i memang wanted to channel my extra energy doing charity or community service all along. (it's diff when it's community service and Comm med doing research even tho at the end we will still do an exhibition and stuff n it's also community service).

Woke up early, drove to uni, met up with the others and lecturers who were going along and drove another 20 mins to the orphanage in Marang. It's actually a bit far from KT town itself. There's only 4 of us from year 4, the rest were year 3s.

The entrance of the orphanage. Boy, when fftt K told me there be about 200 residents in the orphanage i didn't believe him cz i tot we b visiting those house turn orphanage type but when i saw the orphanage it is indeed a very huge one. In fact like it's name indicated, Asrama Perkaya Marang, it's really a hostel for the orphans and the residents there are mainly sch going children and adolescents.

The entrance into the hostel. This orphanage is the nicest orphanage i had seen.

We were giving out multi vitamins to the children (technically we call them all children even though a lot of them are just 5-6 yrs younger than me.. zzz) so we had to packed them 1st b4 giving out.

They prepared some light refreshments for us. Such nice hospitality.

Makan time makes everyone happy always. :p

The director of the orphanage welcoming us.

Other than giving out multi vitamins, we also checked their glucose level (those indicated only or need), blood pressure as well as general health status. Our lecturers also gave them free consultation. Since most of our lecturers cannot speak Malay language, we act as their interpreter. So basically the whole time, i was only interpreting for AP KT.

Docs and students at work. There were also some student nurses that came over to helped.

We left after finishing lunch (also provided by them.. so nice). It was really a very fruitful way to spent a Sat morning. :)

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the orphanage center really looks nice.. and must be a good time checking up.. =)

oh yeah, redang island.. tsk tsk.. why lah the government like this.. lol..

kenwooi : yup we had a good time. On Redang, sad la the gov like dat. lol

hey update more often laa...i like to read haha

anonymous : hehe glad to noe u like to read.. but recently really v busy.. sorry! but do check back often cz i will keep updating :)

Hey Alli, nice of you to help out the orphanage....but do you really have to go EVERYWHERE with HIM? :-0.

Aren't you interested in dating "other" guys? Or are you in love, love, love with the one and only? :-)


bet the kiddos must be very happy because got pretty sister visit them all =p hahaha

mike : hahaha.. nope.. not interested to date other guys. ;)

fufu : hahaha.. they b happy if u visit them too :)

always a good feelin to lend a helping hand =)