Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sam Tsui

It all started with a note my darling Joyce tagged me in on fb.

And when i opened the note, it was this song that she tagged me with. I found this mash version of Nothing on You by B.o.b ft Bruno Mars and Hey soul sister by Train super the duper awesome. Not being a hardcore youtube streamer, i actually don noe who Sam Tsui is. *This is kinda embarrassing really*. When the vid finally finished streaming, i was wowed. I tot his voice is superb. So i searched more for his covers and I can only conclude i love the songs he cover. Gosh. So i must share this goodness with all you readers out there. Im gna feed you all with more of Sam Tsui. Sit back and enjoy alrite. Even if the streaming takes eons, pls bear with it cz it is totally worth waiting the vids to load.

This video is freaking awesome, no? I forgot to also let u all noe that Sam Tsui actually has 6 other twins. And all of them can sing really superb too. Nah, kidding. In fact, this is the genius creation of Sam's friend, Kurt who with his genius skill, make Sam the lead, backup, harmony and everything in between. Amazing.

Sam's the shortest one here but really, height does not matter. hehe. I think these guys are simply entertaining and good. Super the duper good. I'm wowed. How come we don have such things here?

The very the amazing Sam. He's still a college student at Yale. Why am i not in Yale. hahaha. :p

This is like my laziest post cz its all vids but i just gotta share this. Now all who wish they are in Yale because of Sam Tsui say aye. :)

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Wow, impressive! He is talented!

jfook : he is :)

stf : aye hehe

being a hardcore YT fan (:P) i'd already heard of him since a couple of months ago! never too late to discover him eh!

nor : hehehe.. im so ketinggalan zaman at times. but yes, better late than nv :p

Ahhh yes....Alli was swept off her feet by a singer that sings all of the right notes and touches her heart....how cute....

I can't sing a single note or play any instruments....maybe in my next life....


mike : never too late to learn to play any instruments. :)

I am going to Yale next year Aye!

anony : cool.. so nice.. hv fun der :)

anony : cool.. so nice.. hv fun der :)

Well at least now you know who he is. :D I really really love his voice too!!