Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slow It Down

The 2 alphabets in front of the 'OW' is suppose to be 'SL'. So the whole word is actually SLOW.

I wanted to say that my blogging has tremendously slow down of late. hehe.

And yeah.. thats my side braid hair again. :p

Anyway, our proposal presentation is tomorrow. Wish us luck. Because if all goes well 2moro morning, we can move on to the next part of our project. By Sunday, we will be out in the village doing our survey and hopefully everything can end fast because i need to start mugging already. Doing this whole research thingy is taking up too much time.

And my fon had officially died. RIP phone. I guess the infarct must had turned into cerebral hemorrhage or smt causing it to totally ko now. So it only means i had to buy a new fon now. Any recommendations? Best still if anyone wants me to do any fon review? hahaha. Im thinking between BB bold 2 or Nokia X6 or Nokia N97mini (the Raoul limited edition version looks quite chio) or maybe an iphone. So whatcha say ppl? Gimme some idea pls. :) But i think iphone is kinda outta my budget now. Had to save up for my Cambodia-Vietnam trip and Universal Studio.

I cannot wait for the holidays! Boo hoo hoo.

Best Blogger Tips

9 fondue dips :

haha.. nice signboard.. lol.. and all the best in your presentation =)

kenwooi : haha.. thanks :)

erwinator : lol.. its cute eh? :)

yeah all the best for the presentation

Wow, you look like an angel in that first picture. (I bet nobody ever called you an angel, hey? Maybe a little devil....but not an angel...hehehe).

I love the side-braids.


mike : hey me no lil devil :(


I KNOW that you're not a lil devil -- I was just teasing you.

In fact, even though I only "know" you from your blog, you are probably the sweetest gal that I know and truly a good person.

So there! I do think you are an angel after all -- I don't don't like to "openly" compliment people :P