Friday, April 02, 2010

TM iTalk Whoa!





! wHoa! whOa! whoA! Why is everyone going WHOA? Whats so WHOA? I oso want to noe.

Well, of course you have to know. Anyone who is below 95 years old and is not lying compulsively about themselves being an avid addicter to internet and social networking just have to hear about this. You gotta hold on tight and fasten your seat belt tho. Cause TM iTalk Whoa! is about to rock your world.

Are you ready to be whoa!? Then, lets get Whoa! now. hehe

Whoa, what is it?
TM iTalk Whoa! is a portal that lets you stay connected to your friends without the hassles of logging into several websites. Horray! Now you dont have to open your fb, tweet, msn or checking emails by opening multiple tabs or windows. Now you can do it all at once from one website, the iTalk Whoa! Besides you get to call (both local and internationally), sms, share contacts and calender events all from the very one website itself. All you need to have is internet access and you are ready to Whoa!

Basically it will look something like this once you log into iTalk Whoa! Macam ini.. The navigation pane is on the left, content in the middle and your list of msn/fb contacts on the right.

What are the rates like?
Price list available once you sign up :)

Where can we buy iTalk Whoa! credit (for calls and smses) ?
For now, iTalk credit can be purchase at Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks and all stores displaying iTalk. Only Malaysians are able to purchase for now. Hopefully by June 2010, it will be available worldwide.

So how do I get started?
Log on to their website ( and sign up. Then you will need to key in your email, fb, twitter etc password for just one time. iTalk Whoa will configure all these passwords with your login password and next time you just have to key in one password for all.

All for one, one for all. hehe

Sounds kinda too good to be true right. Finally, we can go on some of our fav sites without having to login multiple times and all these can be done while sms-ing or calling. How convenient especially on mobile devices. Surely helps to connect, communicate and collaborate. :)

So bagus kan. Sure worth checking out. So dont hesitate anymore. For more info, please log on to their website ( and get whoa now :)

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WHOA i m using it on a trial also it got give up to RM5 for trial

anonymous : haha yes yes if u sign up now got free RM 5 credit :)

it applies to all im??
it charges for usage of im or not?

it charges for usage of im service or not?

anonymous : msn, yahoo, fb.. basically most of the im can be used and foc.. no charge :)

the old woman photo effect very gd

hehe that one is generated one :)

i like the first schoolgirl picture la! cuuun!

when is the lfficial date for launching?

siew : hehehe thanks babe :)

anonymous : 7 apr :)

I especially like the first outfit, school girl ;)

I must say....I would not normally be at all interested in this type of service....but after looking at all of those.....ahhh....very attractive pictures....ahhh .....I think that, "I'm interested"....ha


I agreed with them,school girl foto cute.

hsien yit : hehehe.. thanks :)

You are not short=sighted,are you?


anonymous : hehehe.. the spec has no power one. it's just an accessory. :)

anonymous : teeth white cz floss and good maintenance. :p

y got no tm optic fiber in kt???? i dun wan whoa i wan tm opric fiber plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

haha for now don hv.. i believe after a few yrs then kt will have too :)

i wonder izzit really gd to use that WHOA????lolz

anonymous : go try it then u can judge for urself. now sign up got RM 5 free :)

WHOA!! ur pictures shocked me..hahahaha
especially the last one..
btw so many anonymous posting

kwong fei : hahaha maybe cz i allow anonymous comment so they chose to be anonymous :p