Thursday, May 20, 2010

iTalkWhoa! SMS Rescue

2 more days to D-day! I can literally hear them beat with every systole of the heart.

And so coincidentally/ kebetulan/ qiao/ ngam my fon ran out of credit.

I mean how more timely can it get. Like it's not stressing enough to be fidgeting around with endless trails of words, had to stress samore bout smsing cz i need to send a sms pretty urgently right now and wham, no credit. The best part is i din even realized that my credit was running low until, well until right now. Since my fon got no credit, i cannot ask anyone to send me credit because i got no credit to sms anyone to ask them for credit.!

Ah, fortunately, i still have TM iTalkWhoa! If you all had forgotten (or first time readers), iTalkWhoa! is this awesome online portal that enables us to do a lot of things all from one web page. We all One Malaysia, so must use One web portal to do it all. lol. (can read bout it here and here)

Actually ever since my other fon died, i had been depending quite heavily on iTalkWhoa! to sms and call cz i lazy wna top up my credit for that number. As Eric Yong said, i use italkwhoa to sms my friends and also family whenever i can. And i can tweet and chat on msn or fb as well as check my emails all at one go. Now samore can stream Youtube simultaneously. No need to switch multiple tabs, no need to turn my head away from the lappie cz wna check fon for sms. I think it's really easy peasy to use and pretty much user friendly so no hassles or confusions.

Dont believe me? Let's explore their sms function 2gede-gede now k. :D

Of course, u will have to register urself 1st and stuff. Registered dy? Ok, now log in.

#1- Look for the navigation pane on the left (got the mail, contacts, calendar etc choices). See where my cute paw is? Right at the bottom. Yeap, click on that word 'SMS' and iTalkWhoa! will bring you to a page like in the pic. A page call 'Web messaging'. Type in the number of ur recipient in the section i wrote 'Phone Number' and of course ur message in the bigger section i wrote 'Message'.

#2- After you type in the mobile number and your message like me, all you have to do is click 'Send' (look for my cute paw.. this time it's red). See, attempting to convert my friend to join the dark side, oops i mean be part of iTalkWhoa happy big family.

#3- To confirm that ur message had been sent, just look at ur credit balance (green paw). Credits will be deducted once ur sms went thru successfully. And the message u sent will then appear at the bottom pane (sky blue paw). Actually all the messages that u had sent (in other words ur outbox history) will appear in that bottom pane so it's so convenient for u to check back any of ur previous outbox message (s).

#4- Like this. Even if i wna look back at messages i sent weeks ago. All i have to do is scroll to that particular message and then click on it and the message will appear on the message column.

#5- There are a few ways actually to add the recipient's mobile number other than typing it straight in that 'Phone Number' column.

The 2nd way is, look now on the right side. Can see the square pane that has the title 'Removed Checked. Add fr addressbook'? Well at the 'Add number' section (my cute purple paw), manually enter the mobile number of ur recipient. Then select the country. If Malaysia, then select Malaysia. Lastly click 'Add Number'.

#6- After u clicked 'Add number', the number u added will appear in the recipients list. You can manually add as many numbers as u want into the recipients list so u can send ur message to multiple recipients at one go.

The cost of your message will also appear beside the mobile number u had added. So u can know how much is it to send sms to your friends/family wherever they are.

#7- The 3rd way to add a number is to automatically select it from your address book. Click on 'Add From AddressBook' (cute purple paw).

A 'Messaging Phone Book' window will appear. Start selecting your contact detail (s). Then click 'Add selected' then 'Save'.

If you want to select all of ur contacts from the address book, all you have to do is press 'Shift' on your keyboard.

#8- Now all the contacts that i had selected from my addressbook appear in the recipients list. Along with the cost per message. So as you can see, sending per sms locally to any network is RM 0.10 while sending sms internationally (in my case to Singapore and UK) is RM 0.60 per sms.

All im left to do is type in my message and click 'Send' and voila, all the contacts in my recipients list will get my sms 2gede-gede.

If at anytime you want to remove any of the contacts from the recipients list, just click on that particular contact and click 'Remove Checked'.

So you see. I din lie right. Very easy and user friendly, no? Hope you all can understand my step-by-step tutorial. :D

Just dont forget whichever way u choose to add ur mobile number, whether is way 1,2 or 3 - add the mobile number in the international standard format. Meaning don forget to add the international code b4 the mobile number. Like for Malaysia numbers, add 6 followed by 01xxxxxxxx. For Singapore add 65. UK 44.. u get the drift. (but for way 2, if u had selected the country, the international code will appear automatically).

But worry not. If you did not enter the international code, an error message will appear to remind u that u had gone wrong. :)

Thats why with iTalkWhoa!, don nd to cry even if fon run out of credit suddenly in the middle of the night or when u r just too lazy busy to step out of the hse.

SMS of the day- when i successfully convert another friend into joining the iTalkWhoa! big happy family. hehe

Oh, and i have another good news for all of you out there who have besties, boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, daughters, sons, mother, father, cousins, grandma, grandpa etc etc in continents all over the world. Now u can call them thru voip on Whoa!, hear their voices and yak away at some very attractive idd rates. (reveal soon. :)) So i noe i repeated this many times, but really don wait any more. If you haven check out iTalkWhoa!, fast fast, go sign up now! :)

PS : iTalkWhoa! is now supported by Mozilla browser too. But still best view with IE 6 and above. :)

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hey..thanks for the info...will definitely try it out! :-)

ohmywtf : u r welcome.. sure do..Go check it out :)

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yeah IE really works better for italkwhoa
quite a good tool

I joined. But i cannot sms. Why?

ping : hmm had u top up ur credit? And if u r using Mozilla, then try IE cz it works better with IE :)