Saturday, May 08, 2010

Two Years Old

Finally our 1 month long Comm Med posting had come to it's end. Which also means exam is REALLY REALLY near. Ok, forget bout exam for now. I'm too exhausted right now to get stress over the humongous amount im left to mug in the remaining 2 weeks. As for our intervention programme this morning, i would conclude it to be a very successful one despite some glitches. At least it felt like all our weeks of planning and doing all those nonsense paid off. Berita Harian was there to 'cover' the event, so if u wna news bout our lil intervention, grab a copy of Berita Harian on Mon. (altho it's prolly in some small space in the newspaper) :p Else, stay tuned to mua bloggie cz i will blogged bout it after exam.

Anyway, just some pictures of our 2 years old celebration to sum up this good day. A short one don wori cz im v tired n exam is near so all updates r short. :D It seemed not too long ago that we turned one.

And now we turned 2 baby. Hoo hoo.

Went to Secret Recipe cz to celebrate us turning 2, we must eat cake. This is the new Secret Recipe white and dark chocolate cheesecake. I'm not too sure how long it had been on the menu cz the last i went SR was like, half a yr ago? But it was written new, so we decided to gave it a go. I find it pretty ok only. Combining 2 of my fav does not make me as exhilarated as i tot i would. Still like New York cheese or Americano more.

2 years old so must eat 2 slices of cake. hahaha. Had this sudden craving for chocolate banana so had that too. Yummylicious. *lick*

Camwhore pics u mite wna skip.

Once again, Happy 2 years old DD. We will cont to learn bout each ode and def had many many more cakes to eat. Thanks for being by my side all this while and teach me so many things in life. hehehe. *xoxo*

In another few hours, it will be Mum's day. So sad i cannot be home to be with my mummy. For all u lucky ones who can be with ur mum, dont forget to make her feel special n happy k. For all mummies, hope u all feel special n happy n had an awesome time 2moro.

To my beloved prettiest mummy, Happy Mother's day. Thanks for ur ever continuous love, care and support. Being there for me in my brightest and darkest time all this while. I love u mummy. Muacks muakcs muacks muacks. *x 1000*

I will end with my fav pic of the day. To all my dearest med frenz who are in nerd mode right now, let's cont to persevere on for the next 2 weeks looking on the bright side of things. To the rest of my readers, stay as sunny n bright as the sunflowers. :)

Happy weekend. :)

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auwww... so sweet of both u! :D
Happy always!

All i can stated here is time is flying tremendously fast. With best wishes to you,missy.

The cakes look delicious but aren't they too sweet? If can replace by mango should be better, atleast not so sweet:)

eh.. my blog also 2 years edy, i got a secret recipe cake for it.. =P

caroline : thanks love.

anony 1 : thanks

anony 2 : hmm actuali its not too sweet.. Still ok :)

kenwooi : haha.. Happy 2 years old to :)

why sunflowers? is that ur fav flower?? :)

anony 3 : hehe yup i love sunflower :)

Congrats on the 2 years! Hope you have many more happy years to come.

Don't get too tired studying....remember....make sure to let your brain sleep. You'd be surprised how much more your brain can soak in when it's resting....


i always love secret recipe's cakes!!! hohohoho :)

mike n ang : thanks :)

fufu : yup especially their cheesecakes.. :)

Hmmmm...I miss reading your cute posts.... Hope you fulfill your goal soon so you can share your brain with me again :-).


work hard and smart baby hehehehe

2 n counting, keep it goin =D all the best to the both of you =D

and erm, good luck with ur comin exams s well =D

Its a blessing to study in University esp course you like,so dont distract by others fields,study hard and achieve your goal.
Yours truly


What you sow, what you get,right? Dont sow,there will be fruitless!

I believe you can make it,mei nui:) God bless