Tuesday, June 01, 2010


The week long monstrous horrendous Professional 2 battle had finally ended. And im still alive. Yay :)

In case anyone was wondering where had i went MIA to, i was way too busy trying to cramp endless amount of information into my almost bursting cranial cavity the whole of last few weeks to blog. Of all the 4 years of my life in medical sch, i had to say, this time, this year, this exam was the most stressing for me. Perhaps it's because there was just toooooo much to study in toooo little time. And it did not hit until i was one week away from exam and i still had 3 major postings to cover and covered zero minor postings. That was when i had palpitations every night and hyperventilates each time i tot of how close we were drawing near to the D-day. I think i must had aged like 10 years in the last two weeks. My room was in a total mess, literally like a warzone with books and notes flying everywhere.

Throughout the whole of exam week, my mind was bombarded continuously that i was almost like a walking zombie. First day was medical-based MEQ and MCQ. MEQ was surprisingly ok compared to the surgical based MEQ but the MCQ was the killer. Can you imagined all the questions were like, '45% of men had gout'; 'Male respond better to blablabla' (this are just examples.. not the real questions). Point is we dont just had to remembered the diseases, clinical features, complications, ix, managements but also the percentage of ppl suffering, responding etc. Like crazy can. So unless u remembered the exact number of ppl, every statement seemed to be 'TRUE'. Everything seemed TRUE to me. OSCE was like crap too. But praise God for giving me relatively good cases for both my long and short cases, good patients and good examiners.

Perhaps it was the enormous amount of stress hormones that had been released but after i did my last short case, my mind just went blank. Like all of a sudden, i was lost and i did not noe what to do. It's funny how during study break, my id and ego was constantly battling like one keeps reminding me to study and the other keeps tempting with all the wonderful nonsense but now I wasnt keen on going into fb, i wasnt keen on sitting in front of the laptop basically. I guessed i was just stoning around for the past 2 days and of course, cleared up my warzone. No wonder my body aches all over now. :p

Another good news is our seniors had all graduated last week making them our uni first batch of doctors.


I'm so happy and proud of them. So yea, just wna wish them all the best as they start their housemanship and in all their future undertakings. :)

PS : To my dearies who still had to battled on, keep fighting k. I cannot find better words to say except letting u all noe that im right behind supporting u all. A big huggies. :D

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wow you have so many bags... hahaha you should think twice now when you wanna buy new bag... dont waste those money!!

fufu : hahaha! i noe.. thats y im not buying anymore bags.. until well i sell them :)

Welcome back. I hope that you passed all of your tests.


Dropping by ere .. =). Smiles. have a great day yeah. Do drop by to mine yea

poor thing! anyway,you made it...BIG congratulations!!!

mike : yeap im back.

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*gulps* i can foresee the same amount of tension for me..... soon.....


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