Friday, June 04, 2010

Beach of The Ugly Stones

It's just the stones that are ugly. The beach itself is quite a beauty albeit the garbage (we tried cleaning up the beach once) n horses poops, so if we just ignored those, the Beach of the Ugly Stones or better known as Pantai Batu Buruk is an awesome place to just go sit by, to shut your eyes, breath in the salty air and let the sound of waves gently crashing the shore linger in your ears as your mind and soul calms down. Of course, it's also a very good place to go scream at the top of your lungs especially from the ugly stones cz no one, seriously no one can hear you or bothers about you. And that felt good. Really good. Something i wouldn't mind doing right now too.

The whole beach is really a very long stretch actually, stretching from Primula Hotel right up till the end of.. of... i dno. It's just very very very far and really i never attempted to walked all the way till the end cz usually by the time i felt like i covered half the beach, the sun would had set and the sky turned dark.

Right, less words more pics. Enjoy the beach. :)

Sunset by the beach

I think from some of my previous posts, you guys can identify that kite flying is very popular at this beach.

Horse riding too. Culprits to the poops. The last i heard, a friend told me that it's RM 60 per ride on the horse along the beach.

The ugly stones.

Hope that these pictures help you to relax. It certainly works for me just picturing the beach in my head.

Till my next update, stay cool, stay calm, stay zen. Peace out :)

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nice pics of the beach.. the last time i was at a beach was in redang.. haha.. i think sure got lots of shits and stuffs on the beach, but dont care la =P

kenwooi : thanks :) haha.. that was quite long ago. Yup lotsa spoilers actually but don care la, look at the bigger pic and get a better view overall. ;)

nice photos of the beach...I like it

altho name is ugly stones, but it had never been.
I sat at the little hut last year.
Should I say, it was there with me until I moved to JB 13 years back.

maileng : Yup, it is quite a beauty aint it, the beach? i will miss that place too :)

Nice pics. I stayed one night at pantai batu buruk before my trip to Redang. Nothing great about the place, but really enjoyed the sun and breeze.

azwan : thanks :) ya cant say its the most beautiful beach but it's a nice place to relax. :)