Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Thing Call Fever

Hello world! I wonder if any of u had missed my presence here. To start off, i didn't mean to go MIA just like that. In fact, as usual, im bursting with things to share with the world granted you guys are as excited to hear it too. :p

But i came down with fever on Saturday and since then had spent every precious minute sleeping away cz whenever i tried to walk around, my head throbbed so badly, whats more sitting in front of my lappie and blogged. It kinda sucks cz it means i was sleeping the whole of Father's Day and missed out on the good food and good fun. It's been a long time since i developed a fever but that's one of the worse thing that can happen to me. Fever makes me weak and functionless. Actually, fever is a good sign cz it means our body defense mechanism is fighting against the invaders but having persistent fever was terrible. Like it's so weird that the paracetamols are not functioning. Maybe the virus that attacked me this time is a mutated supermassive species or maybe my interleukins-1 are just being hyperactive. At the same time, i was having arthralgia and myalgia and all the other flu like symptoms. And i was feeling nauseous and vomited which non of the docs seemed interested in when i told them that hence no one bothers giving me any anti emetics much to my agony. In short, it was terrible.

At one point, i tink i just spent 24 hours sleeping but whatever it is i felt like i had lie in bed for a long long long time feeding on medicine and porridge daily. And i was so afraid i had developed dengue and was having my blood tested every day. Thank God, my body 'police' are now picking up to shoo away those virus and i felt much much better.

I'm not exactly one to fall sick easily. Like seriously, i used to only fell sick once a year maybe. I tink that these days i'm more exposed to various bacterias and viruses daily so my risk of nosocomial infection (infections associated with health care services/hosp) is therefore higher. It also proves that i had been doing my ward rounds in the hosp. *wink*

Hopefully, all these drugs that i had been taking will overpower the virus in me and i will feel good enough to regained full function soon. :)

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it s new disease call football fever haha

glad to see u recovered already

why doctor can get sick also??;D