Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My First Bak Chang

I don mean eating bak zhang. I mean making one. :p

This year must be one of the most abnormal bak chang (glutinous rice dumpling) day. Simply because every year, the bak chang period is notoriously associated with the word hot, that every single day is so freaking hot during the whole month of bak chang. I wonder if it's JB or it's because the A and E is like a freezer, every single day is so cold here. Including today. Raining like cats and dogs on bak chang day itself.

The Bak Chang festival is one of our many Chinese festival. One sad thing is, as the younger generation emerges, we are also slowly losing a lot of our Chinese tradition and culture. Like how many young people these days actually knows or maybe bother learning how to make bak changs when there are so many ready made ones conveniently sold outside right?

Plus there is so much effort and time needed. But luckily i have a super geng mum who enjoys making bak changs. Cz outside ones can never beat the homemade ones which are healthier and u can put whatever ingredient that suits ur taste bud. So this year, i decided to steal some of her skills and learn from her. And because I'm a Chinese so i tink it's very important to keep such cultures and traditions alive.

But still bluff one. :p Cz i only managed to learn how to fill and wrap the bak changs into their signature triangular shape. My super geng sifu had cooked the ingredients all in secret b4 i came home from work so that i cannot spy on her secret recipe. Jz kidding. *wink*. Nvm learn step by step as there are so many more years to learn. haha.

Honestly, there's a lot of work involved. I dno how my mum so geng can make like 50-60 each year herself. There's the raw ingredient part where you had to prepare the glutinous rice, shrimps, mushrooms, chickens, beans and whatever u like ur chang to be filled with. We added chilli into our bak changs and took out some common ingredient like salted egg and pork (mum don like pork). I'm not surprised if there is cheese bak chang one day. Maybe i'll be the 1st to do it. hehe. There's the leaves to wash. There's all the cooking- frying, steaming, boiling. Then the wrapping, tying and cutting. It took us both an entire afternoon to made like 80 smt bak changs.

Unwrapping our bak chang, this is how it looks like. :)

Of course, after an entire afternoon, the thing i looked forward most is the end product. When the 1st batch of bak changs finally was ready, i eagerly unwrapped a few and the satisfaction was incomparable as i sink my teeth into the hot, piping bak chang.

My mum homemade bak chang is so so so yummy (all four limbs up) i think she should consider selling them. Like serious. You can come try for urself. But you have to make ur way to my hse fast b4 it is all gone cz we are all so in love with them that we are having them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for brunch, tea and supper. *ahem*

Glutinous rice is not exactly the healthiest food to consume in bulk around, but heck it's only once a year right? (and i will do a lot of exercise!) Well, i hope u all also enjoyed eating ur bak changs like me (i feel like a big lazy cat now) and dont forget to drink plenty of water. Eat happy and stay healthy. :)

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Oh..alllison,you are so fortunate to have a super 'geng' mummy around.Its okay,she will be able to impart her skill to you someday.

Today i ate 6 bak

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