Saturday, June 05, 2010

My First Nuffnang Cheque

Yes yes yes! I finally cashed out my Nuffnang earnings for the very 1st time and this is my very 1st cheque from Nuffnang. Since it's like every Nuffnanger tradition to post bout their 1st cheque, thy shall not break the tradition and do so too. After all, good news are meant to be share too right? :)

Come to think of it, I'm with Nuffnang for about 2 and the half years now.

Well the cheque arrived when i was having my study break back in Turtle Land, so my bro took this pic for me on my behalf.

Yea i noe, some of you might feel annoyed now cz i blurred out the amount part (which some of you are really interested to know).

So to compensate that, i will tell you what i will use this money for k? :)

I'm planning to use this money to take my blog another step further. Yes, i don wna spill the beans now yet cz it's supposed to be a surprise but then im bubbling with excitement i tink i cannot hold it anymore. Ok ok more clues; it has smt to do with a .com and associated with revamp and new look. hahaha.

Ok la.. be patience for now. Hopefully by next week or the week after, then it'll be ready. I cannot wait.

For now, i just wna really thank all of you out there who faithfully come by my blog and support my blog all this while and for clicking on my ads. Altho my earning is not much (for a duration that long), but without your constant support, i might have given up long ago. I will continue trying my best to constantly improve on my blog. You readers and the Nuffnangers are the most uber awesome. :)

Of course, wna thank Nuffnang too for giving me advertisements.


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i'm still waiting for my cheque...:(

Congrates on the paycheck .. Spend it wisely yeah.. Keep it going. =). Dropping by ere. Do drop by to mine too yeah.. =).. have a great day

cik panadol : thanks. Ur turn will come don wori :)

lean : thanks :) have a great day too :)

so many people receive cheques edy.. i havent! =)

kenwooi : hahaha.. u will when u cash out. Your turn will come :p

congratulation! =D A good news for u! hehe cant wait for ur page's new look! =p

caroline : hehe thanks. I cant wait too :)

kancilbiru : thanks :)

tian chad : thanks :)

Congrats. I was SO sure that you were going to buy yet ANOTHER handbag. hehe


Congratulations! My Nuffnang earning is increasing at an extremely slow pace.... Adsense is doing alright!

Nice big cheque! Hehe... ok, looking forward to seeing your new .com! :)

congratz... i was sooooo jealous. I want to be like you. I earning up very slow.... XD

m : lol.. nope no more handbag :)

marco : i noe how it feels like.. but glad ur adsense doing u alrite :)

irenelim : haha not big cheque la.. yes im looking forward too :)

ain : don be jealous! ur turn will come.. Just don give up :)

Ita always glad to receive 1st payment..congratulations to you!

too bad can't read tge figure:(

dolly : hahaha but u can guess :)