Monday, June 14, 2010

PC Fair Singapore

was a crazy affair.

Seriously jam packed with probably all the geeks and techie whiz kids from all over Singapore. And people like yours truly who belongs to neither of the group above but was there just to join in the fun. Or some people who loves visiting PC fairs just to feed their eyes. (common at KL PC fair, buayas go look at all the pretty PC fair girls only). I think the number of people at the PC fair the other day easily doubles or triples the KL one.

So unless you had something to check out/buy, then stay away from the PC fair. Especially if u r anthropophobia or is hypotensive and tend to get dizzy or faint in places where there are too many people sharing the same air as u r.

Honestly, i rather be shopping at Orchard or Bugis or wherever than being squash among thousands of tech prodigy but i was super enthusiastic this time round to go to the PC fair. Not because i wna check any girls out (duh) but because i had several techie stuff in my mind that i wanted to check out.

First of all, being my fon. Yeah, it's time for a new fon. I think i deserved to pampered myself with a splurge. My old fon was 5 years b4 it died and because fon evolution took place too quickly over the years, i m glad i had waited for 5 years and now with the emergence of smart phones, i think it's a good time to move on to a new love. (and i found one! :) ). No, it's not the iphone but that's another story altogether. Of course with the fon, then there have to be the accessories such as the memory card and whats not. Then there's stuff mum, dad and DD wanted me to check out. And of course because a lot of techie stuff are already sold at a relatively cheaper price in Singapore compared to Malaysia, maybe because Singapore have lower tax? so at the fair, some stuff are really a steal. Definitely like cheaper by RM 100 to 200 when compared to Malaysia. (was there 2 years ago so realized that their PC fair is really much worth a visit when u need to buy techie stuff)

Hence, i spent an entire Sat noon at Suntec Convention hall and returned a very happy girl. Cz i managed to steal some very good bargains which unfortunately burned two gigantic hole in my pocket now. That's why im opting to eat at home everyday cz can save loads of money. :p

Anyway, not every single item at the PC fair was a steal. Some stuff are still cheaper back home. Like the cooler pad, memory cards and pendrives were not good steals at the fair. The camera was quite a good bargain tho. Checked out a few underwater camera; models like Olympus m-3000 is RM 90 cheaper with 4 more freebies thrown in, the Sony TX-5, Canon D10 and Casio G1 were all relatively cheaper than back home with more freebies thrown in. Apple ipod was def cheaper too.

While i was busy moving among the mountains of people, my bro did most of the pics snapping.

Where most of the flyers ended up. What a waste of paper. Tsk tsk.

This felt so much like a paparazzi shot.. No offense to the both of them, i dont even noe who they are but they bought like freaking lots of Lenovo laptops and i assume comparing more prices online on the spot.

This is so non-related to the PC fair but i realized another thing bout Singapore that day. Prices of drinking/mineral water is much more expensive than juices so to quench our thirst, the cheapest drink available are the bottle juices.

Only had some time to hang around Suntec after that, so basically the only shop i managed to go shop at was Cotton On cz they were having 50% discount storewide and it's Cotton On! I mean there's this period when i super love MNG, then there was this time i love Zara, and now im pretty much a Cotton On person. I still love the 2 former but well, there can never be one too many love. But dno why, there were so many people dat day and i had to wait like half an hour just for an empty cubicle.

Faded denim vest

Boyfriend denim shirt

Light grey cardi with puffed sleeves (cannot see the puffed sleeves here but when wear then can see)

Black beach shorts

Of course, i did not leave the fair empty handed. Got this Wii mote and Nun chuck for RM 160. RM 40 cheaper than M'sia current price.

4 port USB hub. Only RM 12.

The bomb! This, this is the highlight that burn the holes in my pocket now. BUT, im totally loving it. It's so fun to have a smartphone to play with. :p

Yes, im a happy happy girl right now. Let's just not think of the financial damages. Everyone deserve a reward some time or another. :)

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wohoo! u're had enjyed urself lots! =D well its great especially after the exams, :)

yay! agree with u dat some items are still cheaper in msia!

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Denim vest and your new phone nice:)


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