Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I got no mood to post any food pics or Singapore pics today. Cause today is quite a sad day at work.

All i can tink of is this one particular case i saw this morning. Some of you might still not know this but im currently doing my elective posting in the Accident and Emergency (A n E) department in the hosp back home. Which means i have been really hardworking to wake up at 7 am every day to reach the hosp by 8.

Death is a very common occurrence in any hosp. More so in the A and E department. It's something distressing but yet unavoidable. When death occurs as part of human life cycle, u noe to be born, grow up, fall sick and eventually death, we all kinda anticipate that already isnt that. Personally, i had seen quite a number of death in the hosp already but they are all adults. Older people. People who had lived decades of their life.

But today this particular case that is still gripping me is the death of a 5 months old infant. The infant was brought in by his babysitter. When i first saw the baby, he was already cyanosed, pale and cold. His pupils were nonreactive and his body was already stiffen. Not a good sign. But still, the docs tried to intubate him, they oxygenated him, did CPR and we tried all we can hoping a miracle might happen to this young life. But no. No miracle happened. It was difficult. I was appalled to see someone so young saying goodbye to our world.

I don't really know the exact cause of his death but it is highly suspected that it is a case of 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' (SIDS). As far as i understand, SIDS can occur in any infant with no particular reason at all. A healthy infant can go to bed and end up sleeping forever. Just like dat. With no particular reason. Well, some may argue that the sleeping position of the infant may influenced the risk of developing SIDS, which is not totally untrue as research had shown that the only good position for any infant to sleep in is the supine position (lying with back against the bed), hence the 'Back to Sleep' campaign.

And as it also coincides in this case cz the babysitter claims that the infant was sleeping in the prone (lying with head or tummy against the bed) position the whole night b4 she realized he wasnt 'normal'.

Thus, mothers/ mothers-to-be/ caretakers/ babysitters that are reading my blog, remember, if ur baby likes to sleep in the prone position, try to put him/her into the supine position. If not, please do monitor ur infant closely from time to time. Remember, SIDS is the leading cause of infant death and prevention is better than cure.

Disclaimer : What i had talk about above is purely based on only my understanding on SIDS. For further clarity and information on SIDS, please refer and consult your doctors.

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interesting.. thanks for sharing! you forgot fathers and fathers-to-be as well! not that i'm one of them.. =P

kenwooi : welcome. oh ya forgot! :)