Monday, June 07, 2010

Tarts, Glorious Tarts

In an attempt to prove that Johor Bahru does have good food too (ahem! to u noe who u r :p), im gna try to blog bout all the good places to go for food right here in JB while im back for hols.

To start off, I'm in fact quite a tart addict. I can practically drool just by thinking of them. Especially on an empty stomach. I think tarts are one of those little little snacks that can truly appease me especially when i need something to munch on or just to satiate my greedy mouth. Convenient and delicious, all one need is to open their mouth and pop goes the tart into it. In my tarts kingdom, the king of king and the queen of queen has definitely gotta be the cheese and egg (more specifically Portuguese egg tarts) tarts.

Me and bro popped by this place called Tart Cafe one morning. It was just a random and casual drop by but turn out, i had discovered another good place to go for tarts the next time my craving calls out to it. :)

#1- Portuguese egg tart. It's crispy, it's eggy and it's sweet but hey, it's an egg tart so anything otherwise will be weird. hehe. RM 1.80.

#2- Chicken floss egg tart. Combining another of my fav, chicken floss with egg tart is just oh-too-yummy. RM 2.20.

#3- Original cheese tart. Altho all their cheese tarts are not that large, probably the circumference slightly larger than a small sauce plate, but the whole tart is practically cheese with only a thin layer of crust. Not like some places one, the tart looks big, but it's all crust and little cheese. And it tastes really good. Best eaten chill. Me like lots all their cheese tarts. RM 2.80.

#4- Kiwi cheese tart. Prolly the only tart that i didnt like here. Cz it tasted as if the whole tart was just taken out fr the freezer and was rock hard. Took a while to 'melt'. RM 2.80.
#5- Chocolate cheese tart. RM 2.80.

#6- Blueberry cheese tart. RM 2.80.

#7- Look at the goodness once u tear the tart apart. Whole lot of cheese with blueberry at the base.

Are you hungry already? hahaha. Well aside fr the tarts, they also have simple Malaysian food such as nasi lemak n mee goreng. The other thing i like bout this place is how close we are to the choo choo train that run it's course to Singapore. It's like as i sit there eating, whenever the train goes pass, it will evoke certain nostalgic feelings.

#8- It was also the 2nd Malaysian Chocolate Fair last weekend at the Expo Centre in Danga City Mall (oppo Tart Cafe). Popped by there and boy, they was so much chocolates for us to try and sampled. From dark chocolates to milk to hazelnut to almond to choc fondue and choc ice creams. Truly sinful walking thru that fair. :p

Disclaimer : I wasn't paid to do this review and all review is based on yours truly personal point of view only. Hence, thy is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

Tart Cafe,
G-43 Ground Floor,
Jln Abdul Razak,
Danga City Mall,
80000, Johor Bahru
Tel : +607 - 2222 535
Hp : +6016 - 721 2535

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Thanks for sharing..! Now i know where to go when i go JB... Can't wait for your more update of good food intro in JB..!! did you get close-up pictures of ALL of those tarts?

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