Monday, June 28, 2010

World First Glass Temple

Attended one of my ex form 6 classmate's wedding yesterday. I was really excited because it was the first Indian wedding i attended. On top of that, her wedding ceremony was held at the famous Glass temple in Johor Bahru (Arulmigu Srirajakaliamman Glass Temple). I mean i had seen many normal temples but never one that's made out of thousand of pieces of glasses. I had been wanting to visit the temple, after all it's the world first of it's kind, so yesterday was a perfect opportunity.

As it's name suggest, the unique thing about this temple is that the whole temple is made up of glass! Yes, from the walls to the ceilings to the beams, everything is glass work. It's an absolute gorgeous piece of artwork. The minute i stepped into it's interior, i was in awe. Those glistening and shimmering colorful glasses that greeted me totally intrigued me. There's yellow, blue, red, green, white, purple; glasses of all colors, size and shapes completes every corner. Everywhere i turned, i can see reflections. Which also means i can check my hair, my teeth, my Punjabi suit all the time because it's so convenient to do so with all the glasses that doubles up as mirrors. Awesome yeah. :)

Enjoy the pics. :)

1st in the world! Right here in Johor Bahru. Awesome :)

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During the wedding - prayers for the groom

The very happy newly wed.

Bumped into my ex Mod Maths teacher at the wedding! What a small world.

Lastly, with the pretty bride and her husband.

Of course, after looking at the pics, it's definitely better to be there to experience the beauty and calmness of the whole temple with your very own eyes. :)

The Hindu Glass Temple,
22, Lorong Satu,

Jln Tebrau,
80100 Johor Bahru

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Wow, I'm an Indian and I never knew that temple existed. But I'm not sure whether they could be the first. I saw a similar temple (Buddhist Temple) in Bangkok that was made with glass as well.

Thristhan : Hi, from what i gather, the one in Bangkok is not fully made of glass but for this one, the entire interior is made up of glasses ;)

wuu..first glass temple in the world?! Never heard Johor's friends talk about it. Must visit next time!

horlic : hehe ya next time come JB must go visit :)

Beautiful event with great harmony. And some lovely photos, like it.

kenwooi : awesome yeah ;)

photovigor : thanks cheers ;)

It's beautiful indeed!
Nice sharing. :)

yuhwen : Come JB. Next time i'll bring u there ;)

crap..i'm johorean, lived in jb almost all my life..and dont know this place...should go n check it out! where approximately on jalan tebrau is this place again?

Sunny : it is located beside the railway track about 400 m after you pass Tropical Inn :)