Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7th Day!

It's my 3rd day here in Siem Reap, 7th day in Cambodia.

The wifi provided at my current hostel is kinda slow and lag so that's why i haven't been online lately. Of course, im out and about most of the time too so sorry for the lack of update.

Went to the Angkor temples today. OMG.. they are so so so so so so so awesome. So beautiful can. Although we kinda miss the sunset because the clouds were too thick today. None the less, we took like over 1000 photos already. Seriously, thats the problem with digital cameras. Cause there's practically like no limit when taking pics so we just click, click, click and click and at the end of the day u end up with a scary number of more than 1000. I dno how am i ever gna fin editing them.

And i noe i havent been replying some smses and picking up calls but thats because roaming charges are expensive, so sorry. Unless its urgent, else pls do try not to call me k. I mean i totally appreciate it and love to hear fr everyone but yeah, its RM 9 per minute here. I reply after i get back k. Of course and updates too. Yay. :)

For now, im just gna enjoy the dusty, hot and friendly Siem Reap. Take care everyone :)

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Gosh! extremely expenses RM9.00/min