Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting That Funny Bone Tickled

My funny bone needs some activation after being in dormant mode for quite some time. Ok, more specifically any sort of comedy cause it's been quite a while since i last watch a comedy. I cant even remember when was the last time i really enjoyed a good comedy that makes me laugh till my belly hurts. White Chicks is my fav comedy of all time which despite watching it after 6 times and knowing where their punch lines are, i still laugh my head off. Mr Bean is another evergreen fav which i dont think i missed any of it's episodes and without fail, also makes me laugh till tears fall each time.  But i need something else, something new. Comedy movie, stand up comedy (other than youtube ones) you get the drift.

So when i spotted the phrase 'Stand Up Comedy' and even more magical by MACC (Malaysia Association of Chinese Comedians not the other MACC) founders, the famous Doughlas Lim (just search him on youtube) and Kuah Jenhan on the JB Arts Fest poster, i was thrilled. To add on to my excitement, we as students got to purchased the ticket at only RM 5. (usual price for adult is RM 30) For those who dont know, JB Arts Fest has been going on at the Sultan Ibrahim Building at Bukit Timbalan for a whole month and ending tomorrow with various performances and workshops every evening and night.

Even tho it was drizzling and not a particularly inviting night out, my spirits were high. It was in the open air with a canopy and stage set up but i dont need the air con on such cold night.

The Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim or Sultan Ibrahim building at night
The stage
Our tickets
Give it up for Doughlas Lim and Kuah Jenhan. Both of them are from KL. Altho they are from the Association of Chinese Comedians, they dont tell their jokes in Mandarin. It's all in English with some dialect inserted here and there. Recordings were not allowed so unable to show you guys how really funny they are.
At the end of the one and half hour show, my funny bone definitely got itself tickled much. Yes, i had plenty of good hard laughs that night.  I think all of us present were pretty much very entertained and enjoyed the show a lot. :)
We also watched Despicable Me in 3D before heading for the Arts Fest. It wasnt particularly very very funny but the minions are really really cute and overall it was a light and enjoyable movie. And being GOOD is so overrated yeah? haha. :)

Laughter is truly the best medicine, no? I def had a good good time getting that funny bone tickled and out of its dormant mode that day. :D

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thumbs up for douglaS lim lol
but he must noe that he him self is so popular and his clip is in youtube also hahaha so that he wont repaeat his joke hahaha

anyway well done for him for setting a stage for malaysian chinese comedy

Hahaha ya he shd take note of dat . But he did a good job :)

Seinfeld is the only show that makes me laugh out loud. I think that laughter is very healthy though....wish I laughed more....


M : yup laughter is the best medicine indeed. So do laufh mire.:)

I mean laugh more. Typo. Haha.

See....your typo made me laugh....I first thought maybe that was some weird internet short-hand or something...hehe