Monday, July 05, 2010

His New Chapter

So i said my weekend getaway at KK (Kota Kinabalu) wasn't that awesome.

It's not because KK wasn't beautiful or anything. KK is still beautiful and unique. In fact this is my 2nd time back there. I was there last year with my bunch of friends climbing Mt. Kinabalu and stuff. But this time back to KK was different because the feelings were different. This time was a last min thing to send the bro off to uni which means it's a farewell trip which means things will get emotional which means it's not awesome. But still me decided to tagged along. Of course tagging along also meant spending a little more time with him and that definitely meant a lot.

We arrived KK airport at midnight but surprisingly, there were actually seniors there welcoming all the new freshman. I think that's really nice cz it makes them less nervous and more welcome especially if they had came alone.

And i realized more than half of them on the same flight as me were all nervous, excited freshman waiting to start their new chapter in life. Like almost all young people on the flight were on the flight cz they were going to uni.

We decided to rent a car instead of taking cabs around cause cabbies in KK are quite expensive. A cab ride of about 7km can easily goes up to like RM 30 and they dont go by meter one. We got ourselves a SLK (Small Little Kancil).

Saturday was hostel registration day. I must say im quite impressed at how organized they were in handling the whole registration and making the process as hassle-free as possible.

I tweeted bout this pic but for those who are not following me on twitter, these luggage were just 1/4 of the total luggage that were around that day. All students were required to leave their luggage here and a truck will come transport their luggage to their respective hostels cz cars and cabs were not allowed up to the hostels that day.

As expected, the hostel room was kinda dusty and had a weird murky smell to it. And it was definitely very basic with 4 of them to a room. Not somewhere i like to live in given a choice but well, i cant complain either cause their one year hostel fee is the same as my one month rental fee. @@ That's my bro's luggage. I'm amazed at how light he actually packed cz i can never packed these little, especially not when im going to be making somewhere my new 2nd home for the next 5 years.

We spent half the day cleaning up his room which ended up with it looking and smelling more fit-for-stay-by-human.

Outside his hostel block.

Camwhoring while waiting for the bro to settle his registration.

Sunday was his uni registration day. The amount of people seemed to doubled the previous day. And the amount of parents also doubled. All like parents with their primary one school kids.

The super huge Chancellor hall where the registration took place.

It took ages for them to be done with with their registration cause there were so many counters. They had to moved from one counter to another and all of it involved queuing and waiting and queuing and more waiting.

Wait wait wait wait.

Their uni is just right beside the sea. How lovely.

Part of the uni.

After the bro finally completed with his registration, we went for lunch at One Borneo which is like just beside their uni. So nice for them to have the *second largest mall in Sabah right beside their uni.

It was quite sad to have to say goodbye cause he had been bursting my eardrum with his non stop talking and music ever since im home and accompanying me to the gym, to the pasar malam, to the mall, to a lot of places this holiday and now im back home feeling kinda empty. I cannot believe my little brother who is not little at all anymore is in uni finally. Of course, im also happy for him, happy to know that he has gotten the course he desired, happy to know that his uni is such a nice place and above all, happy to know that time flies which means we will meet each other soon. And im equally excited for him as he starts his new chapter in life. Wishing him all the best there. :)

* Update : Thanks to Caroline for updating me that the largest mall in KK now is Suria Sabah. :)

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Wow, your bro taking Medicine there izit? Mmmm..:)

wow 1st day in uni is sure nervous! and look at those people!!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

jfook : lol yeah :)

lukey : haha.. yeap especially if they are all alone :)

Lucky guy.. ^^
Hope he can adjust to life there..

Lean : Hi :)

Dewi : I hope so too he can adapt fast :)

Hehe hope ur bro use to it soon! n of course my bro too! ;p oh btw, the largest mall in KK is no longer One Borneo but Suria Sabah dy. :)

new life for him.. all the best =)

caroline : ya hope our brothers adapt soon.. haha. Oh izit? Thanks for the info. But i din get to go Suria Sabah this time round. :(

I like this blog,its so touching...thats call love between brother and sister.Your mum looked very sad:(
Yeap,sincerely wish that he will be a sucessful doctor in the near future.

Dolly : Thanks. My mum is indeed very sad too to say goodbye. :(

hehe! np. cz if u go there now oso sill not fully open yet, but getting more n more stores n foods outlet opened dy. next time come, go thr! hahaha! n dats d only place u can watch 3D movie. =D

wow..the university is BIG o.

caroline : haha sure next time i will go.. u r staying in KK now zit?