Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Day in Phnom Penh

I had my hair dyed today. In Phnom Penh here they call hair dying hair highlighting so each time I say I wna dye my hair, they will say hair highlight then I will say no no, I wna whole head color n not just streaks. lol. I been wanting to dye my hair this color ever since my last red color. Since I'm not able to upload pics fr my Picasa on my fon, I shall keep u all in suspense too. Wait till I get back to Msia n hv time to sit in front of my lappie k. hehe

And its frigging cheap like reali extremely cheap onli. The cheapest ever. I will tell u all next time.

Anyway I'm leaving for Siem Reap already tomoro. So fast. And I think me n Germany got no fate one cz I got early mng bus which means I prolly can't watch the match again. Never mind mayb I shd root for Uruguay so Germany can win. Cause my bro n DD says the team that everybody support or say can win won't be able to win one in the end. True like dat, football fans? Ah whatever. Whatever Paul says, Germany will win later.:)

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Quite worry for Germany because most of the players are having flu inclusive Klose:(
Enjoy yr trips :)

Oh? Nvm still got hope. Hehe.. n thanks :)

Oh, I got it, you dyed your hair the three colors in the German flag? (Black, yellow, and red).



M :: haha mice guess but its not :)

HAHA! Germany beat Uruquay!

caroline : hahaha i will :)

nweomma : yeah.. i noe.. good :)

yes,spain made it to crown the world cup 2010...hahahaha

Enjoy your trips over there:)))

Dolly : Haha yes :)

Hsien Yit : Thank you :)

Anony : Siem Reap :)