Friday, July 23, 2010

My Elective

Im back. In fact its been 3 days since i am back at home sweet home after an almost 2 weeks travel around Cambodia and Vietnam. In one word, the whole experience was simply awesome. Its just that i hadn't had much time to be sitting in front of my lappie. And i think we must had either gone totally hyper or were just being too narcissistic that we actually took more than 6000 pictures. Yes, im not kidding u. 6000! Even i myself had a little difficulty believing that. But tell me im not the only one right? Its because digital cameras are so convenient that we just clicked away at almost everything we see. Everything seems so different, so quirky, so cute and so beautiful we wna capture them all and made them part of our memory forever. And i had learnt from past experiences that its better to capture at least 2 pics of the same thing each time cz in case the first pic turn out bad, there's still a second or a third or a fourth.

Imagine if i only took one pic and after transferring them to the computer, i suddenly realized that pic was quite blur after all (cz im sure u all understand that sometimes pics view back on cameras and on computers are just different), i will surely feel very sad cz i only had one pic of that particular place and it turned out bad. So because of all these repetition pics etc, we came up with that humongous amount of pics which im pretty sure no one wna be bored to death looking at sooooooooooooo many of them. So now that i had finally transferred them, i am gna start selecting and then edit before i can actually upload them onto fb or blogged. Thanks for the patience :)  Remember those days when we only had analog cameras with a film that only allows us to take up to 36 pictures at most? I wonder how people at that time miraculously made do with the so limited amount of pics. Actually i had live in that era myself but i was very young then so it doesnt really matter if its 36, 360 or 3600. Thank God for the invention of digital cameras and expandable memories.

Another good news is i finally had a new laptop. A mini one in fact, so convenient me love. Finally i don have to wori bout issues such as falling alphabets of keyboard, slow loading and extremely limited memories which drive me on the verge of hematemesis. Im still taking time exploring my new baby hence im kinda slow in updating my bloggie too.

But realizing my few past posts had been all words loaded, i wna post smt with pics today. Found these pics i took during my elective posting stint at my hometown hosp last month so here they goes. I did my electives in the Emergency department for 3 weeks and i definitely learn a lot from that 3 weeks. I had seen cases and did procedures i had never seen or done back in KT hosp. Its true that every places had their own variety and type of cases. Most of the doctors and specialists were also very nice and very willing to teach even tho they knew we were just elective students and we certainly dont pay them to teach. The other hosp staffs are all also really nice. There were 2 other girls from AIMST doing their electives at the same time i did and we became quick friends. Not forgetting the Monash students whom i met were all very nice and friendly too. Basically, we just joined all their teachings, discussions, presentations and even the doctors cme. Im really thankful to have met all these people who made my posting much more interesting and fun.

Most of these pics were took on my last 2 days when we went crazy with our cameras at the skill lab. Call us posers, call us camwhores but i figure if we dont loosen ourselves and take all these funny crazy pics now, when else do we wna take them? Life is short. I certainly don wna live till im 60 and then look back and say 'Darn i had live the past 60 yrs of my life taking only boring pics with the standard cheese and smile' so with my greying hair and missing teeth starts regretting and then only start acting like a 16 or 20 smt and pose and camwhore. :)

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