Sunday, July 04, 2010

Red Oxford

I'm just back from the Land Below the Wind. And im not going to say it's awesome because it's a farewell trip. Me no like farewell trips. You know the kind where you go somewhere to send someone off. But let's save this for another post.

Anyway this time, i was glad that even after all the walking, there's no blisters whatsoever anywhere over my feet. And i dont have any sore feet or aching feet now due to uncomfortable shoes.

You see, i have this thing for Oxford shoes and i have been searching high and low for a pair of flat oxford for the longest time. Since before exam, i had been sourcing blogshops for a pair of flat Oxford but always, it's either the shoes were sold out by the time i saw one i like or the ones that the blogshops had were not to my liking.

And two days b4 i went KK, i found this pair of Oxford flat right here in Johor Bahru. The perfect one just like the one i had always wanted. And it's really cheap. At least 30% cheaper than the ones i saw on blogshops. I think i may sound like im exaggerating but i really felt like it's like a dream come true. I stopped shopping for a while, then started shopping again and then this desired pair just popped before my eyes and the price was absolutely a steal. I just love good bargains :D It's striking, it's red and it definitely caught many attention. At least i like to think that the reason why so many people had been staring at my feet over the weekend while i was at KK was because they were looking at my shoe and not because of any other reasons.

I dont usually walked around a lot in new shoes cause new shoes tend to 'bite' more than the old ones and usually causes blisters and stuff but because im vain like that, i decided to just give this pair a try. And all i can say is so far so good. It's definitely my latest love right now. :)

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I love the colour of the shoes,its chilly red~~

dolly : hehe ya strikin color :)

looks like little red riding hood's shoes! =P

kenwooi : hahaha less pointed tho this pair :p