Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Salut Seafood Restaurant

I think a lot of people have the perception that seafood in KK is relatively cheaper than West Malaysia cuz they somehow have the perception that KK is famous for seafood.

And that includes my parents. :) The other time i was in KK, i tried this tourist spot seafood (Kampung Nelayan) restaurant, hence this time, i decided that i want to eat at a place that more locals go to and of course, hopefully to be able to savour truly cheap and fresh seafood.

Thus, we went to Salut Seafood Restaurant which is kinda out of the way, secluded and harder to find but definitely more local. Actually it is located near ShangRi-La's Rasa Ria Resort that area but when you are unsure of the place, it can get creepy especially at night cuz the road there do not have street lights and driving with a GPS that tells you you are driving in the wrong direction does not help. However, with the kind directions from the locals, our SLK finally made it to the restaurant. There's only a dimly light signboard by the roadside that points you into a stretch of road that finally leads to the restaurant, so do keep an open eye for that otherwise it can be easily miss.

At last, we found our restaurant.

All their seafood are place in baskets like this so customers can see how fresh they are.

The crabs are quite cheap tho. Whatever size and gender, big or small, male or female,they are all RM 30 per kg only.

Their menu.

Chilli crab - i think this is the highlight of the night. The crabs are fat and the chilli has a tinge of wine that makes the whole dish tasted very good. And the crabs are very fresh too. The taste of seawater still lingers in them. Yum. RM 36.

Black pepper prawns - This is another huge mountain. I think i must had ate more than 10 prawns easily. I just knew i was de-shelling one prawn after another non-stop and these tasted good too. RM 28.

Fried Ginger with Lala - one type of shelly seafood but their lala is elongated instead of the normally more oval shape ones. My bro gave it the thumbs up. RM 12.

Sabah vegetable - it's also known as sayur manis but the locals call them Sabah vege. Cooked with belacan. This i think this is average only. But that can be because i dont like vegetables to start with. RM 12.

The restaurants had all these giant clams at their entrance. Look, we found treasures within the clam! haha.

Getting his head clamp.

My turn.

Now im attempting to tear one apart.

Overall we had a good dinner and at least, it was a worthwhile venture in search of this restaurant as the price is not only more local, the portions are large and the seafood fresh and delicious. Drools :)

Disclaimer : I wasn't paid to do this review and all review is based on yours truly personal point of view only. Hence, thy is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

Salut Seafood Restaurant,
Mile 13, Jln Tuaran Telipok,
Tel : 088- 228301
Email : nagalexx@tm.net.my

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LOL! U FOund the sea food Jackpot! ^^
Another one I would recommend is Gayang seafood Restaurant. It's along Tuaran road.
Might be tricky to get there. BUT in the end of the day it'll be worth it.
Cost about RM140+ for 4 person.
The view is just beautiful there.
Have fun in KK! ^^

suhaisweet : Hello, yup the seafood are nice. :)

dewi : oh? the next time i will try there.. thanks for recommending :)


yay! u went to the correct place for seafood at kk! dats one of the most famous n top seafood restaurant!!! =D

Anony : yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..hahahaha

Caroline : reali? So glad to hear that :)

Send that big blue fish picture for contest..hehehe

I will let you know when i get one,at the meantime you look aroud too^_^

I will let you know when i get one,at the meantime you look aroud too^_^

Is it that seafood restauramt you visited situated above the sea? I think i went ther before many years ago? Yup,seafood there are nice and reasonable price.

Hoppor : yaya its above the sea one.. but it was low tide when i went so the restaurant part was quite dry tho. :)