Friday, July 30, 2010

There's Even Oscar and Hollywood Awards

Don't play play. And yours truly personally received 3 Hollywood awards. Don't raised your eyebrows just yet. Nowadays you dont have to be a celebrity to receive an Oscar or Hollywood award. :) Wait till you reach the end of the post and you see what i mean. (dont cheat and jump straight to the end k)

Just when you thought you see the end of Universal Studio Singapore pics, hang on. There are a few more. Remember those wannabes i mentioned in Part 1? Yes, after an entire day walking around, it's finally time for some shopping *eyes sparkling*. And thats when you can play to be Shrek, Fiona, Alex or whoever you want cause they are so irresistably cute. Well, at least u can have their heads or face or ear. haha.

Shrek the Ogre
Princess Fiona
Baby Shrek
Puss in boots. Cats are just so good in acting cute with those big round glassy pitiful eyes.

His Alex pose
My Alex pose
Being Gloria

Little Mort

If i can fit into these, i will buy one of it. Unfortunately, it's only for kids.
My cub ears. I wanna be a cub too.
I like the 3D pop out effect

Finally time for the red carpet and some lights, camera, action. (drama betul) Now you get to see some Oscar trophies and Hollywood awards.

Dont they look just like those real Oscar trophies? All gold, shiny and glistening.
Especially for each and every one of my friend out there, this is for all of you.
Even parents can present their children with an Oscar trophy. Imagine the whole family togede-gede 'haolian' their Oscar trophies. haha.
Done with Oscar, now we look at some of the Hollywood awards available. Now my turn to show off the awards i 'received'. Ahem but im sure my parents will agree to that. *muka tebal betul* Right mummy daddy? :)
I present this to my brother altho he prolly will never know it cz he nv read my blog one. :(
Alli the Superstar.. hahaha. Just kidding.
They only got 'Best Girlfriend' award no 'Best Boyfriend'. You know why? I dont wanna say la. Go figure. :p

CUT! How fun to be a director cuz whenever you feel unsatisfied with a scene, you only have to shout one word, 3 letters and everyone else have a dozen action and lines to repeat.

It's too bad that they dont have an oscar for 'World Greatest Reader'. Next time perhaps we can make this suggestion. hehe.

These are actually just some of the many interesting merchandise sold at USS. You can practically find all sort of USS souvenirs from phlush toys to schoolbags to shirts to luggage tags to fridge magnets to bracelet to water bottles to laptop covers to rain coats to almost anything. And see what i mean that anyone can receive an Oscar or Hollywood award? The miniatures of course. They are actually many more acknowledgements besides that few you see here. I think they make really cool and interesting gifts. Or just plain fun to get delusional with. 

As a whole, i had my fair share of fun that day. Although USS is not really a very huge theme park and it's literally enough to cover almost all the rides in one day (low season), I believe it will be even more excting and interesting when the 3 main roller coaster rides are finally open. Maybe by then, any of you who had tried it can tell me if it makes your heart do all those little gymnastic stunts while you scream your lungs off. :)

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nitez_hog : hahaha thanks :)

aiseh!! bah! Congrats to u! u have so many awards dy! mwahaha!! :P gudness there's so many plushies!!

Too bad they didn't have a, "The World's Cutest Blogger" award! Cuz that would fit you the best.

No, "Best Boyfriend" hey? Hmmmm....must be because men are all rotten? Okay, okay...not all.....just most...


Caroline : thank u thank u thank u hahahaha ;)

Zo_lo : hmm which one? :p

M : haha *blush*. Thank you. :)

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