Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Extremes We Live In

Headline in a local Chinese daily today highlighted a Malaysian millionaire partying in France with Paris Hilton and reportedly spending some 2 million euros just on champagnes that night. (read news here) There's been a lot of buzz over the internet world on 'Who is this man?', 'Why is he so rich?', 'Where does his money come from?', 'Is he connected to any political power?' etc etc. It's common to see some sour grapes emerging. After all, obviously some ppl will get jealous especially ppl who have to slough day in day out working 24/7 just to make ends meet. It's just us human, envy and jealousy walk side by side and the green monster loves to take over the better of us whenever opportunity allows.

Honestly to me, it doesnt matter who he is and how he want to spend his money as long as it is his (or family watever) very own ethically and legally earn money. How anyone want to spend their money is their very own business. If they want to flaunt it, so be it. After all, we are all guitly in some way or another in indulging, rewarding or pampering ourselves with things we jolly well know we can do without, be it in a big or small way depending on the size of our very own wallet. And in some way or another, consciously or subconsciously flauting it off too.

But yet, what disturbed me more is the fact knowing that our world is in such an unbalance state. Which makes our world kind of a sick place to live in if you think about it. In some part of this world, there are people who so so so poor that they practically live and eat off garbage dumps; eating dungs and drinking urine not because they like to, but because they have no other choice. These are the people that can hardly even provide themselves the basic needs of living, whats more talk about any other things.

In another extreme, there are people who spends money like drinking water as though they have too much money overflowing that they cant wait to get rid of them. I mean i knew our world was never balance. Just that i wishfully wish that perhaps we can all try to narrow our economic gap a little bit more? Like so that everyone is able to live equally in the middle with no extremes of being super rich or super poor? Maybe the super rich will still exist but eradicate the super poor? So that even the 'poor' then have all the basics of living and we wont have beggars and thieves and robbers cz people are just so poor they got no other choice? I understand that we all cannot be saints. Most of us anyway. I'm for one, guitly as most of you in spending on unnecessary things and always wanting for more. But perhaps, if we can all part with a little of our guilty pleasures and spendings in helping someone else, wont that be great?

Like this case per se. If only he sacrifice one night of drinking and partying in any clubs in this world, have you ever thought of how many children in Cambodia will benefit from 2 million euros? He could easily pay for 100 Cambodian children education and living in a year with that amount of money. And all im saying is, you only have to party less one night. Not even asking to stop partying altogether. That goes the same for many many other things isnt that. One less Chanel handbag, one less LCD tv, one less Rado watch, one less Christian Dior sunglass, one less Ferrari and it is a lot of difference we can all make. If only, we as human can control our urge to splurge, to spend and to indulge. If only every one of us (other than if u r living below the poverty line) can make do with one less something and contribute one more to someone else who needs them. Will we ever be able to achieve something like that? I highly doubt now because too many human are way more concern over their own needs than to stop and think about anyone else. And since when have you hear anyone claiming 'My money is enough!'. Typically, everyone (even the richest man on Earth) will scream 'Money NOT enough', I'm also living below the "poverty" line'.

PS : I'm not even thinking about what govs are doing. Rather, lets not talk about the govs but look at ourselves as human here ok? :)

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totally agree

a recently new also one family from kl with only grandma and her grandson they feel so joyful when they tasted chichken rice when we feel bored of it everyday

paparich : sometimes things become so routine we forgot how bless and lucky we actually are :)

Agree with you. This world is an unbalance state. Those who are rich will be getting richer, those who are poor would seem like getting poorer.

jfook : And thats what makes the world more sick. Its like the poor will nv have a chance to narrow the gap.

the rich think they own the world.. money can buy anything for them.. if im rich, i wouldnt event waste the money on someone like paris hilton.. =P

ken : hahaha most of them anyway.. hmm what will u do with all ur money huh? ;)

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Injustice happens everywhere.some
r born deform some have supermodel beauty,some r smart some not so smart.there's nothing u can do but to just make the best of what u hve.but I think that charity can only do so much.say 2mil for a years worht of food,what happens next?you can't keep feeding them.besides alotof money has already been poured into 3rd world countries but I doubt that it will ever b enough.so whilst it's true that 2mil on a bar tab is a lot,they are spending it on themselves n I guess the money will eventually stimualte the economy n when the Americans hav money,we will too.so I guess it's not entirely wasted.ahh too
much economics here.it's a really complex situation n therefore don't read too much into it...update ur universal pics!!!!:)