Tuesday, July 06, 2010

UMS Tourist Attraction

I didn't know that within UMS campus itself houses a tourist attraction until my recent trip there. As i got bored while waiting and waiting for the bro to complete his registration, me n mum decided to explore the rest of UMS ourselves. The whole uni is indeed super huge, like ten times U*SI. And within the Borneo Marine Research Institute lies the Aquarium and Marine Museum. Actually the place is for the UMS marine students but it is also open for public visit.

For Malaysian adults, there will be an entrance fee of RM 5 per person and RM 10 for non-Malaysian.

Among some of the pics taken :

Dorys and little Nemos. Their real name is Blue Tang and clownfish. They are just about the prettiest fishes around.

An alligator pipefish.

Another alligator pipefish. They are just long and slim, like a pipe.

It's kinda irony actually that i dont get to see a single seahorse when i joined the Save our Seahorses programme but right there at the museum, i spotted not only one, but three of the Hippocampus kuda (spotted seahorses).

They are such cute creatures, so protect them!

2 turtles swimming across each other.

Come, come take pic with me :)

A pretty angry looking fish.

Poser fishes. Seriously, these few fishes were just glued to that spot for a very long time while a lot of ppl took turns to take pics with them. But boy, they are huge.

This huge blue fish is also very cute. Look at where it's eye is staring ; in my direction! haha.

The Remora fishes that have sucking discs that they used to attach to larger fishes like sharks and stingrays. In this pic, they are attach to the glass wall.

The giant freshwater prawn

Them fish and turtle taking a rest. I find them so cute resting there after all the swim round and round the exhibition tank.

Fishes like human can suffer from cataracts too.

Baby sharks.

Horseshoe crabs. They do sell them at seafood restaurants too.

The Cuvier's Beak whale

We skipped the Mangrove Walk cause we don't had enough time. Personally i will prefer to be in the water swimming among these sea creatures than to watch them from exhibition tanks but still these sea creatures are so cute it is enjoyable just looking at them. Their collection wasn't extensive but there are some threatened species and it is interesting enough to at least keep me entertained. Not forgetting, it was a pretty educational visit. :)

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wow.. this is really a cool museum! the huge blue fish is cute.. haha.. =)

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The way that blue fish look at you is extremely cuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee...oh boy,look at her eye,as though she was directed by someone to do that,so natural o.

Anony : hahaha thx :)

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