Thursday, July 29, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Remember the Far Far Away land i mention in my previous post?

Now you all know where i meant - Universal Studio Singapore.Ok, so maybe it's not that far compare to USA but hey, Far Far Away land is indeed in Universal Studio. :)

I cannot finish recalling the countless Universal movies that i had watch and love growing up. I used to squel and hug my mum tight watching Jaws, felt really thrilled watching Jurassic Park (and all 3 of it's sequel), fell in love with Phantom of the Opera ever since, had a good laugh at Mr. Bean's holidays, move it move it with Madagascar, accidentally in love with Shrek and there's Back to the Future, Hulk, Van Helsing, Peter Pan, The Mummy, King Kong, The Prince of Egypt (countless more) and the latest, Despicable Me.

So of course, i was excited to find out what Universal Singapore has in store for us. And spending the day with 2 of the people really close to me and me love makes it an even better one. We took a bus from Vivocity (SGD 2.00 for a return trip) and after a short 10 minutes ride or so, we were dropped of at Resorts World Sentosa. We went gaga the minute we saw the globe trademark of Universal Studio.

* Pictures heavy post ahead :)* Cuz i was really happy that day and was in a mood to take pictures. And Universal Studio is a really awesome place for photography. I mean the whole theme park is so colorful and vibrant, it's almost a crime if you just hide your cameras. All pics are credit of DD the photographer and edited by me. How how my editing skill? Can pass anot? hehe. So scroll slowly down as you pass Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away land, Jurassic Park, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi city and finally New York.

 Woots woots, we cant wait till we see the rest of you.
Wait, lemme do the jump first :)
One without me
And one with me. The former was taken when it was scorching hot and this after the sun went down.


Hollywood street

Walk of fame. I'm on Audrey Hepburn's star :)
Maybe my fascination for Jurassic Park has wean over the years, but this water bottle with the T-Rex head is just so cute it captured my heart and i cannot resist getting one.

Trying to pull down the Ogre's house

Let's do the King Julian's pose
The Madagascar crew Move it Move It
Here we are; at Far Far Away land
Far Far Away castle.. so pretty, no?
I like this 4D adventure. Caught us by surprise especially when Donkey sneezed on us.
I miss my Fat Boy.
Saw some T-rex and dinos but dont worry, they dont bite.
Entering the city of Ancient Egypt
And there Pharaoh was
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.
Siew drugged me with her magic portion
We so wanted to get on this Human vs Cylon but it is not open yet. Cis!
A very failed Marilyn Monroe pose. Cuz got a lot of ppl sitting opposite me at that time and i was so shy can. 
Lights, Camera, Action! Watch movies like 2012 or Day After Tomorrow and ever wonder how those storm scenes are created? Yes, we got to watch it here.
New York's female FBI. hahaha.

There's this hats and accessories shop in New York that sells various types of hats you can wear to a dress up parties. Everyone was like camwhoring and taking pics with the hats but hardly anyone bought them in the end.

The King's hat. Too big for me.
The queen one fit better. Queen versus Devil.
Oh no, getting murdered!
Now let's play knight and sheriff.
Clowning around.
We also spotted some of our fav stars walking around and like little kids, we queued and wait for our turn just to get a shot with them.

Our fav friendly Ogre
Po, the very cute panda that can plays kung fu.
Woody Woodpecker
Frankenstein. A kid in front of me got so scared of him that he started running away when it was his turn to take a pic.
The mischievous cute funny penguins of Madagascar
Repeat after those words. Good. Now we all had said it, we are all awesome together. :)
It was still the soft opening period when we went which means we kinda knew that some rides can still be close until they are proven safe. At the same time Universal Studio gave out food and retail vouchers (worth SGD 5 each) to compensate that. But, i guess we were still disappointed that the three main rides, more specifically the roller coaster rides are still close. I mean we were pretty much ready to let our heart do some somersaults, flip flops and let those adrenaline run while screaming at the top of our lung but we didn't get to that that day.Ah well, safety first so better be safe than sorry i suppose.

Wait, that's not all. I got some awards from Hollywood while i was there *ahem*. And Alex, Gloria, Shrek, Fiona and many more wannabe spotted. Hence, do come back and read bout Part 2 k. :)

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