Friday, July 16, 2010

Xin Chao

Which means to say i have safely arrive at Ho Chi Minh city after a 12 hours bus ride which increases all my risks of deep vein thrombosis, piles and cramping muscles. The bus we sat was supposed to be a deluxe bus but the space between one seat to another is so narrow that there is no place to stretch legs at all. On top of that, once the person in front of u lower their chair into a semi lie flat position, all u can feel is the seat hitting against ur knee cap and i do have an urge to just strangle the person right in front of me once a while. There's an on board toilet but it is so crammed that even for.someone my size (im only a 5'4) so i cant imagined how anyone bigger or taller gna find any space releasing their nature's call.

Anyway im actually feeling kinda piss now. Not because its raining so its kinda inconvenient to walked around. But well we were at Ben Thanh market this afternoon and as the market close at 5, we have to move on to somewhere else. The first thing that came to mind was somewhere with shelter hence we decided to go to Diamond Plaza so we can at least kill time by watching Twilight while waiting for the rain to stop. We took a cab from Ben Thanh market because we took a cab from that area there this afternoon to our hostel and it was only usd 3. But the stupid cab that we took had the guts to charged us an exorbitant USD 32 for that short ride of at most 3km. He went by meter alrite but his meter jumped abnormally fast which i suspect he had tampered. He think just because we are tourist we are so nice to bully izit? Of course we refused to pay him that amount and afterwards we just paid him usd 3 whether he like it anot. I think we gv him enough face to pay him at least usd 3 dy. So just be careful with all these 'meter taxis' next time u come HCM. Hmph. It just gives off reali bad impression to us and suddenly i felt glad i had chosen to spend more time in Cambodia.

Ah well hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Btw, his taxi number is 520 5221 so watch out for that cab alrite if ever u drop by HCM!

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Tell that idiot go fly kites...authentic blOOd sucker

Underdeveloped countries's cab dirvers mostly capable of doing all these to tourists.,so just be smart to throw some money to their face to show that tourists are not a fool.

Underdeveloped countries's cab dirvers mostly capable of doing all these to tourists.,so just be smart to throw some money to their face to show that tourists are not a fool.

Better be careful next time :O have fun in vietnam!

wow.. are u now in cambodia or had come back?
i am going camboida in august..
glad i read this..
so the taxi fare is around usd 3?
and not 30 +
good info then~

these taxi drivers.. tsk tsk.. big bullies!

and 12 hours bus ride?? what?? 12 hours flight i also got restless already! =P

The taxi thing happened to me in Vegas. Even though I told the guy that I've been there like 12 times, he still took me the long way.


oh i miss vietnamese food ><

Next time before step into cab,try to take their picture so that can put their picture to show their faces to the world.

You are absolutely right,sometimes its not the money matter,it concerns about being treat like a fool,its not a fun at all.

Heard Vietnam having flooded,is that true?

Could it be 32 Dong? If its not, is ridiculous la.

Anony 1 : :)

Dolly : truly leaving bad impression to tourist like dat.

Hilda Milda : thanks.:)

Kwong Fei : i went fr cambodia to vietnam. This happen in vietnam not cambodia. Anyway enjoy Cambodia. Its truly a v nice n frenly country. Need any info can jz ask me :)

Ken : yea bullies.. tsk tsk 12 hours bus mades one more cranky too :)

Mike : i guess this happens eveywhere huh.

Fufu : haha all i hv been having is lots of pho bo so far haha

Nweomma : lol nice suggestion :)

Anony 2 : indeed its the attitude too.

Anony 3 : Not where i am thankfully :)

Anony 4 : i wish its jz 32 dong. but truth is its 620000 dong which is 32 usd. Its that ridicilous.