Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from Paradise

I realized my lack of presence here in the past few days. My apologies. :)

Truth is, i was away. I was transported to a wonderland, a paradise, so beautiful and tranquil, a 3 days escape was merely like an appetizer. Yes, i had gotten like 10 times tanner, burnt maybe looking like a baked delicious lobster at some parts but those swimming among the fishes, reading by the beach, sleeping under the stars, hearing the gentle waves crashing against the shore and feeling the salty sea breeze was simply heaven.

However, right now, it's back to reality. The routine continues. I will blog bout it i promise but it might be slow so i hope you guys have patience with me alright. Thanks. :)

The paradise call Perhentian Island

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11 fondue dips :

Is it dangerous to go at this monsoon period?

Sunburn is bad for skin la:(

A tan means tan-lines....let's see! :-)


why you didnt bring me to the paradise??? it's cold here in brazil you know? @.@

wa so nice everyday go holidaying.

Dolly : It's not the monsoon season yet so not dangerous :)

David : Hehe ya its not good :)

Anony 1 : Thanks :)

M : haha

Fufu : It's really really hot here right now. :)

Anony 2 : I suppose that's the benefit of staying in a place like KT.. it's nearer to the islands :)

Can show more picture at perhentian island? How far is it from kt to there?

Lucus : Sure Lucus. Just gimme some time to edit the pics and stuff k.. cz also busy with uni.. hehe :) Thanks for waiting. :)

nahhh make me miss my manukan trip! :[ feel so relax at the beach right? :D

Caroline : Definitely awesome at the beach :)