Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chocolate by The Bald Man

And the bald man is none other than Max Brenner, the man responsible behind creating such heavenly chocolate.

After our walk around Marina Bay, we decided to look for a nice place where we can just chillax the rest of the afternoon away. And what better place than one filled with sweet nostalgic aroma of chocolate, light music, warm lights and excellent company.

All the chocolates of Max Brenner
Flipping through the menu, i found that im spoilt for choice. I so so so wanted to try everything from the menu. Everything from the drink to the food sounded so deliciously tempting and mouth watering. Chocolate this, chocolate that, chocolate topping, chocolate filling and the list goes on. If only i had 4 stomachs like the cow, then i can have the portion of 4 or even 8 so each of my stomach will be utilize to savour something different of the menu. (ok.. im jz kidding.. i do know how the 4 stomachs of the cow function... so chill :) )

In the end we both decided to pick our drinks of hot chocolates off the Hug Mug category cuz we (i) like to start our affair with our chocolate with a hug. 

N.o.r's mug of dark chocolate with creme.
My lovely sweetheart
My own mug of milk chocolate - without the creme cz me no like creme.
Im sure you notice that the mug is so cutely shape that it does not come with a handle right? Well, it's called a hug mug cuz that's the way you are suppose to enjoy your chocolate; by hugging the mug as you bring them to your mouth. Such intimate moments with my chocolate. :)
Our affair with these mesmerizing chocolates did not end with our hot chocolates. No, we have great lust when it comes to such indulgence.
We continued satisfying our lust with this bowl of warm chocolate soup. As if drinking hot chocolate was not enough, we wanted to drink another bowl of chocolate soup. We decided to go for the dark chocolate truffle soup cuz yes, dark chocolate is better for your health.
Our bowl of soup came with this plate of crunchy wafer chocolate balls (the one in the mini volumetric flasks), fresh strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows.

Actually it's similar to eating fondue, the only difference here was instead of dipping those fruits and marshmallows into cold chocolate where they can get harden, we sipped them with our warm soup and drank them along.

It was truly an awesome, intimate chillaxing afternoon as we sat there doing nothing aside from sipping mouthfuls of our delectable chocolates and had a good chat. With each bout of chocolate, we just cannot stop ourselves from exclaiming how good it was. The dark chocolate truly had a unqiue aromatic taste of authentic chocolate and my milk chocolate was slightly sweeter with a hint of vanilla. Needless to say, our bowl of chocolate soup fed our lust perfectly. Coupled so much chocolate in an afternoon spelt getting the chocolate high for me as endorphins were being released in increasing amount. But that was certainly something good as that kept me feeling blissful throughout the day.

I will definitely miss times like this where we can still afford to spend weekdays afternoon chillaxing with super good chocolates without any worries of unfinished homework or yelling bosses.  :)

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