Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dressing Up My Netbook

These 2 months had been treating me extremely well. From my hospital attachments to all the traveling around to plain sleeping and pigging out at home, my life had never been better. This is my longest hols ever since i started medical school but also the one that i truly enjoy the most. But 2 months is clearly not enough. I mean how can it be im left with only one/ichi/satu/yi day now? I definitely wouldnt mind another month of hols. I havent start packing too cuz im just so in denial. Like if i dont pack, hopefully time will stop so i dont have to go back. (wishful thinking)

Since i had 2 months, i actually kinda made a mental note of things i wish to accomplish or attempt ( traveling aside ) during this hols during those lonely hours i spent with my books pre-exam.

1) Join a gym
2) Learn a dance
3) Participate in an environmental programme
4) Volunteer work
5) Help out at the dogs shelter/ SPCA
6) Get a new phone
7) Bake a cake
8) Get my hair dye
9) Cable skiing/ Jet skiing
10) Watch a musical/ live comedy

So, i had managed to complete half of my list. I guessed i didn't manage to learn dancing cuz there was not enough time and there was no suitable place to learn the dance i wanted to learn. Didn't get to help out at the dogs shelter cuz they are only open to public work at certain times and it clashes with the time when im on vacation and there's no SPCA in JB. Didn't get to bake a cake cuz erm, i figured i got lazy bout that. Didn't do cable/jet skiing cuz they are freaking expensive sports and i had used up all my money in Cambodia/Vietnam and Singapore.

Anyway the surprise i got that was totally unexpected tho was a new netbook. I mean my old laptop was really ancient and stuff, but i had learn to be contented with it as long as i can still blog and type from it. None the less, of course i am more than happy to receive a better replacement. And since my new baby is a sleek boring black, i decided to dress it up a little. That way, when i look at it, i not only feel more pleasant, but the skin can also provides protection to it's cover. Who knows sometimes blur and clumsy me might cause scratches to the cover, so better protect it first.

Searching for the right netbook skin is not as easy as it sound. I tried looking first at Holiday Plaza but i wonder why all they have are Hello Kitty's netbook skin. Either that or plenty of football clubs logo or sport cars. Unsatisfied, went with mum to Landmark Mall cuz that's suppose to be the IT Mall of JB so what better place to look than a place aggregrated with computer shops. Still, i cant find any netbook skin that i like. After what seems like forever of browsing through shop after shop, i finally saw one that i like but it's a laptop skin (means for those usual 14") which means more work for me.

I know sticking laptop skins sounds reasonably easy isnt that? But truth is, while it is not difficult, it requires lots of patience definitely. I ended up spending like some 3 hours measuring and sticking the skin and palm rest. The most time consuming part was when i tried sticking the skin, there were all these bubbles forming and then i had to peeled off and smoothen the skin before pasting and if still got bubbles, then had to repeat action again. Well, im never good at sticking things like dat so when im finally done, i felt really proud of myself can. :)

I love that fat bear that is staring back at me right now :p
PS : This is my 3rd post today. Am i awesome or am i what? haha. :)

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give me some AWE____its AWesome you mean that all of this time...I've been looking at pics of a PS'd you? You fooled me! I thought that you were naturally a hot babe. ;-)

And all of this thie I thought that you have been diligently putting on your war-paint (make-up) so that we can always see the "best-version" of you...hehe

Wow, you are really organized too! You actually made a list of things to accomplish on your holiday ahead of time. I like the way that you think. (But I would have chosen more fun things to do, and less volunteering to help people and animals .... because ...I'm not as nice of a person as you)... :-)

Wah wah wah! you will make girls jealous oh!anyway,nice nice heading=) something

I like your new heading and netbook skin,so cute la the bear.

Background NICE,font colour NICE,model NICE,what else? tell you when i think of it..haha!

when i flipped back,i saw backgrd color change from white to blue...something new,good taste..erm is that a piano music?

Alex the King : haha :)

Anony : haha i think u have to read what i wrote again.. i have not acquired the skills to PS-ed human.. haha.. but if i do in future, thats for me to know and for u to find out :)

Hsien Yit : thanks :)

Dolly : haha thanks thanks :)