Sunday, August 01, 2010

Garrett Popcorn

Popcorn is definitely one very popular movie snack. Im not that crazy over popcorn but yet i like the feeling of grinding them against my teeth as they produce the inevitable annoying yet satisfying popping sound ('krack krack krack') as the movie plays. However in Malaysia, (as far as i had came across or heard), we dont really have a whole variety of popcorn flavors for us to select. The only type of popcorn we have here are the traditional caramel flavor ones. I'm not complaining, i like GSC caramelized ones just as much, but dont we wish for varieties sometimes? So besides having tried chocolate popcorn from Tokyo Disneyland , i had never tasted popcorn of any other kind.

Well, not until my recent trip to Universal Studio. N.o.r told me bout this popcorn store in Resorts World previously and i tell you, the way she described it, she totally tempted me to must try it out. I didnt quite managed to find the shop initially (probably the Universal globe and what lies within occupies our whole head then) until i was about to leave the place for home when i spotted the store, with a giant popcorn display and all right beside Hershey's World.

Faster, go open one in KL also
Our fav movie snack can come in fancy flavors too. And the best part is, we are allow to mix and match flavors here. The numbers are actually the price if you are wondering.
The caramel crisp flavor aka our traditional caramel flavor
Caramel crisp but added with cashew, pecan and almonds respectively
Oh-so-drooling cheesecorn flavor. Cheeseeeeee <3

You can purchase the popcorn in different bag sizes or even by the gallon if you love them so absolutely much
Our bag of Chicago Mix - caramel crisp with cheesecorn :)

After popping a few of the much anticipated popcorn into our mouth, our verdict?

To be very honest, i was quite disappointed with the cheesecorn flavor ones because i dont know why but all the cheesecorn popcorn were soggy! I mean popcorn are suppose to be crunchy. To be crispy. To produce the popping sound. So soggy popcorn makes no sense cuz it is none of the above. Even if its coated with cheese and corn (cheese + corn = cheesecorn?)

The only redemption the remaining of the bag makes for themselves are by the caramelized ones. Luckily, the caramelized ones were still crunchy and were quite perfectly popped with the caramel not being overly sweet. So to be able to still enjoy the rest of the popped kernels, the best way is to eat them by the pair. As in pair one soggy cheesecorn with one crunchy caramel crisp. As a result, you will be able to savour a perfect combination of savory plus sweet (cuz sweet all the way or salty or the way makes me grow tired of them fast) and the sogginess brilliantly covered up. :)

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When at the movies is the one time when splurging on the BIGGEST container of popcorn (with lots of real butter, of course) is mandatory.

Okay....if you feel guilty, then just consider the big bucket of popcorn your dinner. :-)


M : haha movie's best companion :)

Caroline : But it was soggy! Hopefully next time it be crunchy :)

When will Garrett opens in Malaysia? I saw a signages in Suria KLCC.

Kalidas : Ya, so I heard they have a branch now in KL. :)