Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Marina Bay Sands and The Myth of The Helix Bridge

Since im doing bout Singapore in my few previous posts, i reckon i finish up with the rest of my Singapore trips this whole hols as well so that it will be less confusing (no?) for you readers. The good thing about living one causeway across the Lion City is that, it's super convenient for us to visit the country as long as we have the time and money of course.

I rmb those days in sch, we used to asked each other where we went for hols (cuz last time where got fb) when class resumed and whenever anyone said they had gone overseas, Singapore never counts although technically it was right; Singapore is across the sea and it's another country. I suppose that's because we always felt Singapore was so close to us that even KL needs more hassle visiting (time, accomodation etc).

Having said that, although crossing the causeway seriously only needs 20 minutes, but due to the massive amount of cars going in and out of Singapore daily, it can take up to hours (super super peak time like 4-5 hours?) getting to the other side. And in such situation, it's faster to walk across the causeway than being stuck in your car/bus. Its truly a sight seeing everyone rushing across the causeway by foot (they really walk super fast one k) during peak hours. In fact, yours truly did that few times before and it wasnt so bad really, it only took me 30-40 minutes to get across from one country to another.

Ok, sorry for the deviation. I got too carried away talking bout crossing the causeway. :p. So, one fine day, 2 leisure person decided to leisurely and casually cross to their neighbouring country for some chillaxing time. And since i havent been to any of the much talked about casinos integrated resorts in the city since their opening early this year, we decided to make our way to the Marina Bay Sands. Because then we can also see the world's first curved double helix bridge.

The Youth Olympic Park at the entrance. I suppose it's call an Art park cuz behind those stone walls are actually pasted paintings and such. Maybe now there's more stuff cuz the Youth Olympic is like coming soon. Besides, there were a lot of renovations going on when we went last month.
Half of the completed double helix bridge. The other half wasnt complete then although they claimed it will be fully completed by June.

Since this bridge eventually leads to the casino in Marina Bay Sands, there's actually one myth that i heard regarding this world's first. I guess this myth might be of particular interest of anyone interested/ intending to try out their luck rolling it high at the casino. You know, we Chinese can get very superstitious sometimes especially when it comes to matters involving money (aka business, investment, gambling etc), thus they will believe in such a thing call 'feng shui'. And trust me, every casino in this world def had their feng shui check even before they pick the site of their casino and there's even rumours that every ornament/decoration in a casino is specifically position and place based on this feng shui. So, it is said that, this bridge is more than just an architectural marvel, the steel tubes criss-crossing one another forming the helix shape are actually meant to 'stab' at your luck so that in the end all money will roll back to the casino. 

But well, this is just a myth, so it's up to you to believe which side of the coin you want. :)
Since we don't gamble and were not planning to, it's ok for us to walked across the bridge. hehe.
Me and the N.o.r
From the other side of the bridge where it ended halfway
Singapore skyline
Spot me :)
Marina Bay Sands hotel and that boat-shaped looking roof is actually the SkyPark
They look extremely good looking on the exterior. All sophitiscated and modern. And look at how they beautifully reflect the sky and clouds
Inside the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, it's all luxurious and high end brands with sampan rides available.
Inside the extremely good looking Marina Bay Sands hotel, things doesnt look as good looking as their exterior in my opinion tho. I somehow find the whole interior quite dark, like there's not enough lighting.

There's actually another reason why we went to Marina Bay Sands. We wanted to go to the newly open Skypark which is right at the top of this hotel cuz we heard we can not only see magnificent view of Singapore from there, there's also a very beautiful garden and a seemingly endless swimming pool. But it was only then we found out there was an entrance fee to the Skypark and it was SGD 20. Hence, we gave the park a skip and spent that money on some really, really good chocolates instead. Yes, in the next post, you'll see the chocolates im talking about. :)

Of course, our visit to Marina Bay Sands will not be complete without a visit to the casino. Hence, last stop was the casino. As foreigners, we get free entrance into the casino while Singaporeans themselves have to pay a whooping SGD 100 as entrance fee. The casino is quite huge but there were not many people that day cuz there were like more empty tables than players. Even tho we dont gamble, it was quite interesting watching those risk takers play cuz who knows, we might spot some camouflage king of gambler there. haha.

Ok back to editing pics for next post. Stay tuned :)

PS : Regarding the myth of the double helix bridge, there's no proof or evidence up till now showing whether it is true anot, so any volunteers wna try, can try and then share with us your experience k :)

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