Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Remember i said i dyed my hair when i was in Cambodia? (click here) ?

Purple is the color I got my hair dyed. Flowery purple to be exact. I had really really wanted to experiement with purple for a very long time. Actually i thought getting it bleached purple like Ultraviolet wouldn't be so bad but on second thoughts, maybe not because it will not only damage my hair but also appears not so appropriate for the hospital.

This are the most obvious pics i have of my hair changes color dy. Maybe its due to my hair texture, but actually the color aint obvious before and after. Only when im under the sun or lights, then it will become more apparent. Else no one seems to notice i got lovely purple hair now. Even my mum asked me if i really dyed my hair. So, please tell me you do see a difference can? :)

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"BEFORE" that picture looks gorgeous:)

Smile of black hair picture is perfect loh..hehehehe

Purple potato : lol :)

Dolly : hehehe.. thanks ;)

I used to date a girl that had black hair. She dyed her hair purple too! You could only see the purple in the sunlight if the light reflected off of her hair just right. I think that is the reason that most people can't notice it.