Friday, August 06, 2010

Walking Down Memory Lane

Im officially back to Turtle Land. Maybe i shd start calling them 'Mouldy' land instead cuz molds have very high affinity here. If you think 6 Thirsty Hippo in a room is sufficient to keep away the molds, well not quite. 6 may be enough when we get in touch daily with our stuff but leave them untouch for 2 months and these molds will make them their new home.

Anyway, last Sat was Convent JB 85th birthday. If you dont already know, im a Convent girl through and through. Convent is where i grew up, Convent is where my sweetest (albeit some not so nice) memories are, Convent is where my heart will always belong. So, i was glad that this time, i was able to make it to their 85th anniversary.

Our school field. Our field is not really a big one cuz of limited land but this is where all the action takes place; where some of the best state softball, volleyball and track and field players are produce.Where all the gruesome marching and first aid training took place.
Aside from choral speaking, our school choir is another reason to be proud of. I think they are like the state champion for many years already now.
Even the headmistress joined in the fun
All the past and present principal cutting the cut together-gether.
This was our ex form 3 class. Joyce and Pang are still sitting in their original place as the past. We so miss those times.
My Interact and Chemistry teacher
My Mod maths teacher
Now you can try looking for my class teacher in form 5. She's so petite she's like any of us.
With another of my Mod Maths and Physics teacher. Im not lying when i say Mrs. G is the best Physics teacher ever. Without her, i prolly never be able to understand pass Newton's law.
With our Bio teacher

One thing that i noticed was, all the teachers in Convent never seemed to age one bit at all since we left school. They still look like how they were while most of us had certainly changed from how we used to look like.
Our iconic Mother Mary
Since it's been a while since we met up with some of our friends ever since we left school, we hung out at our fav hang out place for lunch.

Black and white and white and black
I look freaking ugly here cz this is what happens when cameraman dont gv cue when they take pic.. But maybe it's only me cz everyone else looks so pretty and nice.

Im getting nostalgic just thinking back of all those happy times we had as students. Every familiar corner, every familiar teacher and even our familiar school song bring back plenty of  fond memories.

And so, im gna give you guys a little bonus here. Im gna take you guys back down memory lane with me to get to know me better growing up in my dear old sch. Yes, now u get to see nerdy sweet, young, innocent adolescent me. hahahaha. All pics are un-PSed and scan (during those times, digital cams aint popular yet), so aside from the not so good quality, view at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any after effects. To make things more interesting, in every of my class pic, try making a guess which is me la.. hehe. (ans reveal at end of post, but im warning you, DONT CHEAT cuz dont spoil the fun la ok? :) )

#1- My form 1 class pic. Clearly, my puberty hormones had not kicked in yet at this age.
This is me after some story telling competition. I used to be a really good story teller u noe. hehe
#2 - Sorry i donno where my form 2 class pic went, so here is one with the prefectorial board. Yadayada, im a good student at sch le.
During some Chinese dance performance. That was the 1st time i ever dance Chinese dance and the song we used were some super old classic Chinese song that makes everyone laughed hard
#3- Form 3 class pic. Gawd, this is the year i had the most hideous haircut in my entire life ever.But im not alone. If you look hard, you can notice my 4 other clones with the same hideous mushroom hair.
And all that hideous hair for this. We had to endured walking around in that funny ugly hair but i guessed it was worth it. Made it to the national comp and it was the 1st time ever Johor nursing team managed to bag medals from the national comp can.:)
During competition, our hideous hair looks even more hideous. All gelled up and yucky.
#4 - Form 4 class pic.. I still had short hair.
Convent JB St John is another thing we are very proud of
#5- Form 5. Sorry i cant find my class pic too. I just dno where it had disappear to. But i think i look closer to like how i am now, no?
Our glory days
I was in the Red house/ St Xavier and the last i heard, the Red house had been champion for the past 10 years. Meaning from my batch right up till now. Fiery hot Xaviers go!!
With my fellow interactors

This is another bonus pic. Me in my braces. (Why do u tink i got nice teeth.. haha) I started wearing braces sometime in the mid of form 5. So this is me with my ugly cute braces. Thats my grand junior. Very pretty rite? A lot of ppl say she very pretty one.
Our most frequent lepak place. hahaha
Many people said we look like twins. Her cousin tot i was her, one of my bestie's mum tot she was me and many ppl said we look like each other. Do we?

Anyway these are just some of my happiest and proudest moments back at high school. This is where i  matured and grew wise (tho technically speaking im still growing and maturing with each passing day). This is where i made mistakes, fell and crawl up again. This is where some of my strongest friendships are form. This is where i had a whole lot of opportunity to live my adolescence years to the fullest. I miss being 15,16 and 17 all over again. How bout u? If you could go back to high school, what year do u want to go back and why? :)
By the way, the answers as promised. Im the one circled in yellow. Am i hard to spot? ahahah. :D


Hope you guys had enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. :)

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Wah...finish blog a?u put so many photo sia..hehe...well done la..

Wow, those pictures were really something. I picked you out in every picture -- BUT the first one (that one really didn't look like you).

If I had to guess, I definitely would have said that you went to a private religious-type school. (So did I btw).

That explans why you are a Nun now...LOL.

I personally would never want to go back in time. Sure I've done some things that I would have wanted to do different...but that is what the future is for...

Oh...very conservative school uniforms too....the girls had to wear a tie! :-0


You are very active in school! Changing alot loh.

Tu mei : hehe thanks miss those times :)

M : nope its a public sch.. d tie is cz we were prefects.hehe

Junior : haha ya change lots dy.

Anony : :)

wei I like ur blog's new face larr! haha! and geez! u look so cute last time! :D ENVY U!! as i look kinda nerdy last time back to secondary school time! mwahahah

Caroline : haha thanks.. no nd to envy la.. nerdy is the cute look now :)

There is a picture look like china doll face..hehe

I like your new header picture O___O

Dolly : haha china doll? which?

mOON : thanks :)

Evryone is having memories,but your memories is a great one i guess,oh convent girls,they are great!

Tessie : haha Convent is the best :)

Its a good sign to describe a girl using "NUN", means she is a good girl...haha!