Monday, August 30, 2010

Food for Thought

Just now over lunch i was talking to some of my friends and somehow we got to the topic of shortcoming. You know like no one can own it all.

Not that we dont already know that none of us human is perfect but somehow we more often than not focus on our shortcoming more than the things we already had.

Chinese has a saying ' yi shan hai you yi shan gao' which i believe is one of the most beautiful saying ever. It simply translates to there's always another mountain that is higher. What it is actually trying to convey is that, there's never an end to comparison. Some degree of comparison may to a certain extend push us to do better, but in my opinion this kinda 'pressure' is totally unnecessary. It's just like the 'World's Highest/ Tallest/ Biggest'. Can it ever end? Like can we have one world tallest and that's it? Certainly not right. First we have our Petronas twin tower as the world tallest tower before the Taipei 101 overtook us and at the top of the list now is the Burj Khalifa of Dubai. Now im sure somewhere in this world, they are building another world's tallest to overtake the Burj.

Hence i think its very silly for people to sulk and get over envious (thus turn into jealousy) over their friend's virtue. I noe sometimes its so hard to not get envious over ppl especially those who can fly over continents just to get an evening gown for their bridesmaid or people who have multiple talents. Like why some people can sing, dance, draw, talk, act, play the piano, play the guitar etc etc when you (i) cant do any of them at all. So am i suppose to feel jealous of my that particular friend now and not talk to her anymore?

Like some of my friends told me a while ago that so and so are jealous of me cuz im so smart and pretty which i find really ridiculous actually. Ridiculous not because i dont believe that they are actually jealous people around, but rather because they only see it when my life is good. They only see the things i can have/do but not what i cant do or the difficulties in my life. I truly believe just because one is not hanging their problems around does not mean that it does not exist. It's just everyone own private affair that they do not need to publicitize.

And isnt it that if you are a true friend, you are suppose to share the joy of your friend when they had achievements even when you dont? Its funny how some ppl can only share the joy when they feel that they had also achieved similar success or is better than their friend. I noe being the one at the bottom sucks. Its not a good feeling. But if u r a true fren, isnt it that you will noe how to differentiate between ur own sorrow and ur fren's happiness? Isnt it that you are suppose to share the joy when you see that your friend is getting better at some skills or improving? Isnt it that you are suppose be wishing your friend well as you see him/her travel around the globe even though you are stuck at a job that sucks 24/7? Maybe these are just true friends that exist in movies. Or the 10% of our community.

Oh well, all im saying really is just that the next time you look at someone and see how good their life is or wonder why they are always having fun only in life while you are sloughing like a cat/dog/slave, do remember they, like ourselves have their shortcomings too whether you know it or not. And you have something that they do not have and who knows, they are actually secretly wishing they have ur talent/charisma/values instead. Come to think of it, if human are perfect, life wouldnt be so much fun. We are not perfect because then only can we learn the definition of challenge and also because we are made to complement each other, no? :) (Note to self too!)

A Day In My Shoes

Would you like to walk a day in my shoes?
Where the world isn’t full of many hues
Just the color of darkness
So dark that you can’t see a light
And you’ve just about given up the fight

Days filled with loneliness
And lots of pain
It’s enough to drive anyone insane
How would you like to walk a day in my shoes?

Days where you don’t hear those 3 little words,
I Love You
Or if you do
You don’t think it’s true

How about when you aren’t seen for 3 or 4 days
And nobody calls to see if you’re okay

What about the days that you have to go to work
And have to pretend that everything is okay
But you’re wishing that the days would just pass
Adding more years to your life
And hoping it’ll soon end
How would you like to walk a day in my shoes?

How would you like to NOT feel loved
Knowing that there will never be
A releasing of doves
That symbolizes that 4 letter word
And knowing that you’re not being heard

Feeling like a hollow pecan shell
When it’s cracked
There’s nothing inside
That’s how I feel most days
Like an empty space
Anyone care to take my place
Just for a day?

But I do have 1 or 2 days that I’m happy
Just because
I know when I get to the other side
I’ll see those doves
And that’s when I’ll feel loved

So you see
Walking in my shoes ain’t all bad
When I think about
What will be had…

Copyright . 2002 By Denise E. Manuel 

PS :It's just a food for thought. Im not emo-ing. Im actually very happy that tomoro is a holiday and we dont have to go for classes. Before i forget, Happy Birthday Malaysia. ;)

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Some people's mind are just that NARROW,these kind of people just wont feel happy in life,their heads just can't lift up to see things aound,so just ignored these kind of people,dont let them affect your life,as long as you feel that you are doing the right thing and you feel happy,thats perfectly good. Happiness is good though money is that big issue although its important in order to survive,so cheers up,ignore ignore.

There is a chinese saying : "The same kind of rice to feed 100 people" ,so jealousy people can't do anything great in life,just forget them.Anyway,happy merdeka 53 years old!! enjoy yrself tomorrow,go main main in kt okay.

Haha, this kind of people,less he or she as a friend is good for you, trust me:)

Nweomma : Yup u r right. Its good enough to noe that we are doing the right thing and is happy. :)

Dolly : Sure.. hehe. Hope u have a good time tomoro too. Happy Merdeka :)

David : haha i do believe u :)

Yang : Happy Merdeka too. :)

yeah you will only get stronger :) happy merdeka

So far, I can't see ANYTHING wrong with you. I know that there is something....I just can't figure out what it is. :-)

I know how you look....and I think you said that you workout too.

Maybe you are a very possessive person? Once you like a guy, you don't want him to do anything without you? I'm just probably aren't like that either ;-)

Fufu : haha Happy belated Merdeka :)

Lee : ?

Mike : Of course everyone has their own shortcomings. Interesting guess but i will jz keep u in suspense. :)