Friday, September 03, 2010

Bayon Bread

Cambodia post. :)

As Cambodia was once under the French colonization, French baguette is a really common sight there. Especially in Phnom Penh. You can see people selling them everywhere, from the minute we exited the airport, all along the road there are like countless baguette stalls all the way into the city. Except that the Cambodian version of French baguette is shorter and it even comes with fillings. (Malaysia French baguette is the long ones without fillings that we usually turn them into garlic bread or eat with curry. hehe). Anyway, the Cambodians don't call them baguette as i had learn. Instead, this shorter version of baguette is known as the Bayon bread to the locals.

You can eat your Bayon bread toasted with margerine and fill them with barbequed beef/pork/chicken in between like a hamburger. And there's even salad to go with for the greens-conscious. 

Again, we were very fortunate to have Napich to bring us to the best bakery in town for Bayon bread as the Bayon bread sold here is definitely tastier, crunchier, crispier and fresher. Not to say that the roadside stalls one aint edible, but Napich wanted us to try the best ones in PP. So nice of him. Now im gna share this wonderful bakery with you guys too.

The pool of Bayon breads

In this bakery, they sell two type of Bayon bread. One is the original aka empty ones and the other are the ones filled with pork floss. Without hesitating, we bought one of each kind.

And of course, they have all the other type of pastries, bread and cakes for sale. The cheesecake and pineapple tarts was real tempting but we didnt buy them cuz we were already full.

Bayon Bakery - The bakery im talking about. The best bakery in PP. Like seriously, there were non stop stream of people moving in and out of the bakery the whole time i was there.

Just right outside Bayon bakery, there are many roadside baguette stalls selling these Bayon breads too. Maybe unsuspecting tourist will thought that the ones outside and inside are the same and therefore buy from them instead.

Bayon bread with pork floss

Yum :)

Ok, end of post. Gosh, i cannot believe Im gna be another yr younger soon. Few more hours to hold on to magical 23. :)

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The bread don look delicious loh.

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Alli...just curious....did you eat that ENTIRE stick of bread?

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Mike : Just to ans ur curiousity, it was shared. :)

the bun is nice haha i like it