Thursday, September 16, 2010

Turtle Land Sunrise

Happy Malaysia day blogosphere :) After 47 years, finally there's a recognition to this very special day. Why is today so special? It's not because it's 1Malaysia Day that is created under our PM 1Malaysia campaign or the day Malaysia gain independence. This is the day that our East Malaysia counterpart, Sabah and Sarawak joined West Malaysia to become Malaysia. Untuk menjadi the Malaysia we are today.

Anyway, this reminds me of the sunrise i went to watch with my bunch of sunshines on National Day back in Turtle Land (Kuala Terengganu). It was a public holiday and it was definitely a good day to sleep in but because i was feeling realy 'semangat', these few fellas got to cut short their sweet dream and wake up at some unGodly hour to catch the first ray of Merdeka sun together with me. haha. Thanks peeps! :) The golden yolk of the sun did not come smiling from behind the clouds until it was almost fully bright but it was still a very beautiful sunrise. Luckily the thick clouds was blown away towards the end. Enjoy the pics :)

At 6.30 am

The sky gradually brightens with the first rays of sun peeping shyly through the thick clouds

At about 7.20 am. We can finally see some yolk.

Doing the doodle jump

Captain Alli and Captain Jessie captive. muahaha

Ed's gotta be one of the best lamo around.

Hello, Merdeka sun :)
The end. Hopefully next time, we can have the whole yolk of the sun smiling at us. :)

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thats a really pretty sunrise (: like the pink shade.

Very nice view Allison.. Hmm, makes me wanna sit there and enjoy that moment..

ooh i miss sunrise! the last time i watch it is last year's april! n dats from the Sutera Harbour, damn nice! ;)

Happy Malaysia Day to u too! :D

Hilda : Yup really pretty even without the yolk. haha :)

Jlean : You can. Just come to KT :)

Caroline : haha must be reali nice! Nvm time for another sunrise session :)

nice photo shoot of sunrise lol!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Independence Day!

I like when you jump like makes me feel alive. HA.


where is the stethoscopeee???? by ED

i m not lame at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!