Thursday, September 30, 2010


A reader left this comment in my last post, Sun-kissed skin (click here to read post)

"If you love Tan so much,next life born in negroes or indian family,amen!"

It amused me knowing there are people who  make the most irrelevant statement(s)/ comment(s) at times.In fact it kinda reeks of racism to me. Like tan means you have to be Negroes or Indian? tsk tsk.

All i'm saying is right now, i think tan is the new sexy. Tan makes one look more athletic. But I did not say that fair people are not beautiful or gorgeous. And i'm not saying people should overexpose themselves to the sun, to purposely go around sun bathing just to achieve sun-kissed skin. If you are born with it, congratulations. If not, there are various sunless way to achieve that perfect bronze. Else if you are snow white evangelist, continue staying fair as you like. At the end of the day, health is the utmost important. Tan or fair, it's just an external thing. Beautiful anot still depends on a lot of other factors.

Why am i even bothered to justified anything. Maybe next time you guys should read and understand properly what i'm writing/saying before leaving comments. Or else, you are just gonna continue 'amusing' me this way. 

Thank you. :)

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true, doesnt matter la whether u r tan or fair, still human wat. no one judge u also ma. :) Healthy still be the first.

Well, we can't possibly please everybody and not all will able to understand our words so just keep being yourself and do what you do best~ Go, girl! ;D

Erika : Thanks dear for ur encouragement :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In Mexico, the younger people that I know there definitely like to have whiter skin.

It seems like people with whiter skin like to get tan and people with darker skin want to be whiter...

Nothing wrong with having a preference, but holding that against someone is crazy...IMO


I cant see any relevance between a healthy, radiant tan and what race u r too. I guess sometimes ppl just comment even though they don't quite understand what the blogger is writing or talking about. Anyway, maybe the person meant it as a joke? Just ignore it. I love your blog and how you write so just keep doing that ok? xoxo