Monday, September 27, 2010

Sun-kissed Skin

Ask me if i like to be snow fair or dazzling tan. Sometime ago, i might say snow fair just because i was never fair so perhaps being Snow White for once is a refreshing novelty. But not now. Right now, im loving my sun-kissed skin from paradise Perhentian. After all, dewy, radiant tan people are much more sexier, athletic and attractive. *ahem* Think Taylor Lautner, Megan Fox and Louis Koo. Who needs glowing pale white skin like Rob Pat and Snow White.

In fact, the trend now is tan over fair i think. That is why there are more and more tanning centres, no? I mean it's obvious from all the tanning centres and products that there are more people wanting to get the perfect bronze. As for me, I'm naturally blessed with abundant melanin since birth. Meaning i'm bronze, i' m tan and i'm sun-kissed since birth. And more melanin means more natural protection against skin cancer. hahaha. I dont have to painstakingly lie under the sun for hours (and getting risk of skin cancer), waste money for visits to tanning centres (my friends once ask me if i will accompany them for tanning at one the centres and i thought they were crazy) or buy tanning products (same here, a salesgirl once recommend me tanning lotions and i though she was crazy too).

So right, every time i visit islands or beaches, i do everything else except sun bathing. I personally prefer moon bathing and star gazing more. Like not only because it's not good, i don't fancy getting myself baked till i looked like a baked lobster. Yes, i'm tan and i'm satisfied enough with my healthy skin color. I don't need to look anymore tanner or risk getting burn. Like the angmohs will be enjoying the merciless sun topless or otherwise and i'll be lying under a shade watching them. haha.

However, i suspect the sun was even more generous than usual while i was at Perhentian because despite all the sun block i applied, i still got baked and burn. I remember the 1st day i got back and when i look at myself in the mirror, i was horrified because i saw an arang (charcoal) smiling back at me. And the funniest thing was, i got sun burn at the most uncommon and unexpected area. (go figure yourself, i wont tell. ha!). Tan is beautiful but overly tan and becoming like a charcoal is horrible. And having tan lines and double tone is equally unattractive. (now you know why angmohs rather go topless/nude or people rather put themselves in the tanning machine) Over the next few weeks, my skin sort of went through metamorphosis, only that no butterfly emerge at the end. They itch, peel, shed and regenerate. And finally now, i think they are returning to a more acceptable level. :)

Who has the most sun-kissed skin here? hehehe

So, how about you all? You all like to be Taylor Lautner or Rob Pat? Megan Fox or Nicole Kidman? Tan or fair? Faster tell me k. hehe. :)

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Can't compare to them because they ae having blue eyes which match Tan skin still will look nice.

May : hahaha.. Asian can wear blue contacts. lol. :)

i think its more about standing out. angmohs like being tan coz every angmoh is white and so if theyre tan, they'll be 'special'. altho angmohs fair can sometimes be really ugly coz too white.

asians esp SEA r usually tanned coz of the if ur fair, u will stand out and hence b more 'special'= more beautiful.

but then koreans, even tho they have nice weather also like to b fair but thats coz the ideal korean beauty resemble that of caucasian features, n hence they shud b fair to be pretty.

nowadays its mixed la. different ppl think differently. I personally think the face is more important and the body. like if ur pretty and slim then no matter what colour also still wil b pretty right?

I definitely like the tan look better. And as a bonus....if you're won't need to brush your teeth....because your teeth will automatically look much whiter! :-0


damn why didnt you bring me along with you!!! i wanna sunkiss too!!! >< so wanna go to the beach...hahaha

anony 1 : Haha :)

M : lol.:)

Fufu : if u come back to Malaysia, there will be lots of beaches dy.:)

Hi Allison! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment in my blog. You're sweet~ *Huggies* Do visit my blog often, ya? :D

Hmm...I've never been Snow White fair. I was tanned since young because I was an active child back then - playing in the paddy fields, catching tadpoles, climbing trees, exploring the villages by bicycle, represented the school in sports, etc. ^^

I guess us Asians want to have fair skin as opposed to the Westerners who want tanned skin instead. Well, I believe as long as we're healthy and happy, being either fair or tanned doesn't matter. ;)

Both fair and tanned has it's own uniqueness and beauty. I'm happy being either one. ^^

Do have a beautiful day~

Erika : True, tan or fair, its just the color of our skin.. Staying healthy is the most important :)