Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zhong Qiu Jie

Means Mid Autumn Festival in Mandarin.

A quick post cuz i need to go on call tonite. Yea, i be admiring the moon from the wards in the hosp later. 

There's a very beautiful legend behind this celebration (read here) and typically people eat mooncake and pomelo, play lanterns and admire the full moon on this night. When i was younger, i will light candles and hang lanterns around my house with my siblings while enjoying pieces of traditional mooncakes, pomelos and chinese tea. My fav mooncakes are those traditional ones with lotus or red bean paste and has double yolk in them. But as years past, even mooncakes had revolutionized. Now aside from the traditional ones can find so many other versions, like cheese, chocolate, strawberry, black sesame, snow skin, ice cream, jelly etc etc etc. But due to the high cholesterol in those duck yolks and high sugar content in mooncakes, now we dont eat as much as we used to anymore. Even the lantern carrying has ceased relatively.

However, when i was back last holi, i saw that someone in my hse had bought those lanterns. So one night, me, my bro and my sis just light up those lanterns and walked around our house like how we used to do when we were younger and pinching off mooncakes in the kitchen. We looked quite silly doing all those, but it was really fun. :)

Snow skin mooncake. Zhong Qui Jie is never complete without these.

Even paper lanterns had revolutionized. Now got Mickey Mouse and team one.

And so coincidentally, it's Suze birthday today. Let's just say a very Happy Birthday to this blur, kind, nice and helpful darling of mine. I remember the first time i saw her i thought she's the quiet type but after 4 years noeing her, this girl can really really talk. We always had a good time traveling together, having our pillow talk and hanging out with her is always fun. We always had a lot of good laugh when she is around.

Happy Birthday darling. It is such a pleasure to have you as a friend. Muacks.

And to all my beloved readers and fellow bloggers, Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Zhong Qiu Jie kuai le. :)

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You can find shark fin n abalone moon cake in china and hong kong

Tong Yit : haha seriously? so business-orientated the mooncakes has become. :)

didnt get to celebrate it this year.. just not in the mood.. haha =P

Ken : why no mood?cheer up :)

You have a lot of neat and different holidays and festivals that you celebrate. (As least they are different to me).

Say Happy B-day to Suze from me. :-)


M : Thats the beauty of living in a country like Malaysia which is multi racial and multi cultural. In the end we have a lot of festivals and holidays to celebrate :)

Hahaha thanks miss ally yeoh ;) hehe..and thanks erm M? haha.. :D someone from uni isit lol

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