Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress, Doll, Snap

Wow, i have been totally missing from this space for the past one week. So, hello. I'm still alive. Just that being in Surgery rotation is totally drowning me with long days at hospital and campus. I don't even have time to go on skype or webcam with my mum, whats more updating here. But anyway, the weekend is here, so before i continue being drown in case write up and presentation and preparation for eop next week, here's a little update with nice pictures. :)

Honestly, i do like to dress and doll up and make myself look pretty. I mean who doesnt right? But living in KT with my life being such a routine, most times im just pretty much uninspired to spend time dressing and dolling up. After all, i dont see the point. It takes time to actually make up and stuff and then to remove the make up. Besides, walking around town dress up to the nines certainly will make you stick out like a sore thumb. So other than if we are going to snap away (oh that certainly makes a difference), you can catch me around in my baby T and shorts most times.

Hence last Sat, when my beloved Sarah told us to get dress and doll up for the night, i was more than happy to oblige. Suddenly i felt all the inspiration to go dig up my dresses and make ups. Together with both of my fabulous darlings and Lou, we went to Ri Yatz. It is definitely one very awesome and memorable night. I had so much fun that night. Thank you darlings. <3 It is actually the first time that all 3 of us went out dress and doll up together. And Ri Yatz has such nice ambience and lightings and we can snap all we want without anyone interfering. :)

Love forever

I decided not to bring my camera along that night, so all pictures are from Lou and Siew's gorgeous camera. I took the liberty to edit them, hope you guys dont mind. :)

PS : Siew has more pics of that night on her blog, so you guys can hop over her blog to see them too. :)

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Aww...darling Allison, you look so gorgeous in the pictures!^^ And the food looks superb too! I bet they're delicious~ Yummy! xD

It's a lovely post to read, darling~ I enjoyed it very much. :)

dressing up is always everyone's fav.. haha.. but i dont fancy it that much.. btw, nice looking food! :)

Erika : Thank you dear. I'm glad u enjoyed reading it :)

Ken : Haha cuz u r a guy dats y u don reali fancy it? Haha.

nicely dressed up :) and looking at those food!! i am hungry!!! your editing skill is good or the cameras??

Fufu : Haha both have to be good.. if the camera is not gd can't take gd pic in the 1st place. Editing is to enhance n make it nicer Hehe