Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone. It's a little too bad there's no trick or treat nor dressing up in this part of the world I'm now. Instead it will be the usual clinic sessions and lectures. Talk about a medical student life. But nonetheless, since vampires are the in thing now, i decided to dress up PS-ed myself into a vampire too to just get into the Halloween mood. Now do i look like part of the Cullen's family? hehe.  :) ( Pls excuse the poor PS-ed skill.. im still a newbie just learning :D)
Just for the fun of it, here's a normal pic of mua before i became part of the Cullen's clan :)

Do have fun treat or tricking the rest of you. More posts coming up soon. Do stay tune. :)

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Hilda Milda : Thanks babe :)

Hey, by the looks of the hairy neck that you have in the "before" picture... maybe you should have became a werewolf instead. HEHE

(It might just be an optical illusion or something....but look at the lower right corner of that picture -- where did all of that fuzzy hair come from?)


M : hahahaha that fuzzy hair u said it's really part of my hair.. hahah.. it will be scary if i can grow such a humongous amount of hair on my neck, imho. :)

LOL! it looks real!! :o
more posts coming up? means there is celebration of Halloween nite?? :p
waiting waiting. :p

looks nice.. but the upper lips need a little more refining.. :)

Caroline : Hehe hope it didn't frighten u :p.. No Halloween party tho.:( but ode things hehehe

Ken : I agree..Will work more on that next time. :)

Oh my, that's so cool! I didn't know Photoshop could do that! You look awesome, Allison!^^

Looks like it's time to brush up and learn more about PS then! Muawhahaha! xP

Erica : thanks dear..hehe PS-ed can do almost everything.:p Ya i oso got a lot more to learn bout PS :)

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