Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello world. I'm back. After 5 days of being sick, I'm definitely much better today. As you can see, Im finally well enough to be able to be sitting in front of the computer to type away. hehe.

5 days ago, all I had ever wanted will be to sleep in the bathroom instead. Like seriously. I guessed i ate some wrong food and as a result, got quite severe AGE secondary to food poisoning. For a few days, I was just like a leaking pipe. I guessed one thing being real bad about being a med student was that you start to get imaginative when u r so sick and dont seem to improve. I started having thoughts of having myself admitted and put on drip and i was suspecting myself of going into metabolic alkalosis or worse still, had cholera tho i never drank any contaminated water. And i suspected that i def had mild to moderate dehydration even tho my skin pinch was quite normal. I couldnt even tolerate water at that time. Everything that went in was immediately repulsed, whether upward or downward. It was so bad until i couldn't even sleep cuz every few minutes, i will need to drag myself to the bathroom to either throw up or diarrhoea. (that was when i had serious consideration of making the bathroom my new room). Thank God after a few rounds of medications, my oral tolerance improved and i tell you, i had never felt happier to be able to eat even if it was just white porridge. The joy of having your stomach accepting food even in small amounts, not having to throw up was unexplainable. Seriously, healthy ppl, dont starve yourself for the sake of diet.

Of course, i was really lucky to be back home and have the tender, loving care of my dear dear parents. Thats also why my last post was updated by DD because i was just too lethargic and malaise to even sit in front of the computer. I think i spent the last 5 days being nothing but Sleeping Beauty. But nonetheless, i think he did a great job in his first ever blogging experience, no? hehe *wink*

Okla, so while i cont editing my Guangzhou pics, here's some pics from our annual dinner a fortnight ago in campus. Enjoy :)

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Auww poor u. urgh i knew how's the feeling like. :s glad u're getting better now. :)

looking forward for ur guangzhou post! ;)

Caroline : Thanks love. I will try to update soon :)

getting sick sucks! hope you're alright now.. :)

Ken : Definitely sucks. hehe. But am much better now :)'s sad to hear you got food poisoning, my dear. Luckily, you're all better now.

Next time do be extra careful with what you eat, ya? Take care, darling. :)

P/s : I love the photos~ ^^

Erika : it happens once a while isn't that. Hehe. Thanks dear :)



A leaking pipe. Ewwww. Sounds pretty gross....but I'm glad that you are better.

I bet that you still looked pretty even when you were leaking....hehe