Saturday, November 20, 2010

Asian Game Meeh-cots

Im just trying to be punny. Meehcots...mascots, geddit? Laugh all you want at the goats, but they are certainly the most popular animal right now in Guangzhou for not just one, but five of them are the official 16th Asian Game mascots. And goats meeh right? The way they bleat, meeh meeh meeh.. ok ok i know it's lame. ;p

Anyway, since I said previously that Guangzhou is all hype up about the game, one will think that the Asian Game merchandises should be readily available all around the city, no? Well at least I thought so. But truth is, the whole Guangzhou is so huge but yet, only very limited places sells the official licensed merchandises especially the mascots plush toys. Only at certain places like the post office, airport or one or two official licensed bookstores/shops that we can find any Asian Game souvenirs at all.

I really wanted to buy the plush toys especially so I was pretty determined to source for them. My poor mum had to walk far and near with me just looking for them all over Guangzhou until finally, I found them at Beijing Lu. (more Beijing Lu next time). Of course, we didn't know then that the departure hall of the airport actually sells them too else I wouldnt had searched so hard the day before. "'_'

Anyhoos let's meet the 5 cute and sporty goats of the Asian Game shall we? They have individual names too, each having a significant meaning. But it kinda sound kinda cheesy, you know with the 'A' in front.

Them in their boxes

No hurry, one by one.
#1- Hi everyone, Im the fragrant one, A Xiang (xiāng means fragrant in Mandarin)
#2 - Me is A Ru
#3 - I'm their big bro, the always happy Le Yangyang
#4- Meet number one, A Yi

#5- I'm the river that flows beautifully, A He (hé is river)

Ok, please don't listen to my nonsense. Their names put together Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yang Yang has a really beautiful meaning. They mean Peace, Harmony and Great Happiness, with everything going as you wish which fully express the people of Guangzhou's hope that the 16th Asian Game brings luck, harmony, joy, success and great happiness to all people of Asia. 

Of course, I'm just quoting the GAGOC. You can read more about them here

Aside from buying the plush toys, I also bought the set of magnets/keychains (they work both ways) as a personal collection. 

13 different ones altogether

Each one of them had a short statement; it can be statement of mood, wishes, expressions, reminders and the like. And they have all those faces drawn like (@.@?) (.o.) o(n_n)o etc.. really cute. 

Thank God we found them in the end. No regrets for all those walks. Alritey now that you had met all of them meeeeeeeeeeeeehcots (mascots), it means end of post also. Hope that Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yang Yang be with all of you not just during the Asian Game but always and always. :)

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