Friday, November 26, 2010

Bling Glasses

One of my happiest find in Guangzhou definitely.

The moment i spotted them, i knew i must have them. It's nerdy glasses with blings. Not those toy glasses but real ones. Awesome stuff. They make such fun and convenient fashion accessory. I can just imagine all those times when these awesome glasses will come in handy especially when im feeling lazy to dress up too much but yet still wants to look chic, those times when I just want to have a change of look and want something fun and refreshing.

Mum looks at me quizzically and somewhat amused as i tried on the glasses one after another as she wonders why would someone with perfect vision wants to waste money on something that she don't actually need. Ah well, blame it on our vainess that we sometimes ended up buying things we dont need but too chio/pretty to resist. :p
After much debating between the red and blue one, i finally bought the one with the red blings. Nice not? :p In fact, I just bought the frame without the lenses cuz I really don't need the lenses and I think it's even more chio without them .

And i decided to camwhore a little with my new found love. My purple hair has turn totally brown now and my black roots are showing more and more. Why do my hair grows so fast? Eeks.
They are the same pair of glasses i wore to the Shout Awards in case you notice. hehe. I'm totally loving these new pair of blings now.<3

PS : You guys can follow me on my tweet @alliyeoh if you have twitter. I update there more often these days cuz it's quick and simpler. :)

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cute!!! i love it! haha! u look chic instead of nerdy! :D

looks a little of ugly betty! but don't take that seriously lah

so nice! u really looks good with it! =D

with my age, I will definitely not gonna wear it. I will makes me looks like siao po~~~

Caroline : hehe thanks darling :)

Philip : eh eh :( Haha anyway congrats on ur 'D' :)

Snowman : Thanks girl :)

Y-square : Not necessary. Never try never know :)

Brunei sell a lot of these as well :D I thought it looks cute!

Lilian : Icic. Yea i think they look fun too :)

Rascat : Hehe thanks :)

Good choice picking the red glasses -- they go with you better than the blue ones.

But...I think that I would like your hair color better if it was dark black. Or what about black with purple tinting?

You definitely look chic -- your only a nerd on the inside :-0.


M : Haha it's not too bad being a nerd. Its the 'in' thing now. :p

I actually really, really want a pair of these for Halloween next year lol!!

Sinlee : Aiks. Din know you want it. If not will buy a pair for u too. :)

CUTE LA..hehe but if one of the diamonds missing then how?

Ken : hehe have a nice weekend :D

Dolly : Thanks.. hehe.. if drop off, then glue back. haha. :p

Dolly : Hmm then try to find replacements. hehe.. but if jaga properly, the 'diamonds' wont fall off so easily i suppose. :)

i think the blue one looks nicer on you (:

Hilda : Hmm thats what i thought too initially but I think it's easier to get tired of the blue than the red one in the long run. :)

Wow, cool specs there. lolz. =)

Hoppor : But some of the diamonds are already missing thats why did not get that. hehe :)

You look so sweet in those glasses, regardless of the color.

Shingo : Awww.. thank you :)

U are one of the few girls i've seen look good in glasses :)

LOL.. that's cute tho.. dont miss out camwhoring sessions whenever there's opportunity! :)