Friday, November 05, 2010


I always had a thing for boots. Ankle boots, knee-length boots, flat boots, heels boots, oxfords - as long as they are boots (not PCK type of boots tho, fashion boots i mean) , they melt me. I had my first pair of boots when i was 11. But because Malaysia does not have autumn or winter and it's hot or rainy all year round, it is not really feasible to be wearing boots all year round especially knee length ones.

However, since I'll be going to Guangzhou, i have all the reasons in the world now to buy a pair of boots to keep me warm and fuzzy in the cold late autumn/early winter there.

My boots arrived at my doorstep a couple of weeks ago but i finally found time last weekend to camwhore with them. :)

Since I'll be walking a lot (i think), flat boot will be the most comfortable choice.
I'll be leaving for Guangzhou in less than 24 hours time. The last i check the temperature is like 18-24 degrees. But news report seems to report otherwise. So hmm anyone that has just got back? I had also been doing some research on places to shop online and it is recommended that Shang Xia Jiu Lu (Updown Nine Street) is a good place to shop with a lot of things to eat too. Anyone who had been to Guangzhou pls tell me where is a good place to shop and eat and shop for cheap yet trendy, funky or quirky stuff? And places to visit? And is it like safe there? Been hearing some not so nice stories about the safety in Guangzhou. None the less, I'm so so so so excited with every seconds that tick by. Cant wait. Whoopies. :)

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Yeah, boots are one of my vices. I seem to buy a new pair of boots every year. I think that I have like 10 pairs.

Although, where I live, we have lots of snow and cold weather, so I get to where them about 4-5 months out of the year.

Nice pics.


Hey Alli,

I just noticed something... Are those pictures of you that were taken recently -- or are those older pictures....when you used to be.....ahem....skinny? :-)

Come on, be honest. :P

-- Anonymous

Hey....I just noticed that you said that you JUST took those pictures over the weekend. That's great news!

That means that your still SKINNY and good looking after all.

I feel relieved and now I can sleep tonight. :-)


M : lol. Ur sense of humor is funny. T_T

NICE picture there=) I like all:)