Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Xplay Shout!

*Disclamer: Hi,I'm BS. Allison is currently unable to update so i am updating on her behalf. Hope u all will enjoy this post too.*

 Here comes.........
Celcom Xpax Shout Awards 2010 Party, 13th November 2010 @ the curve, The library, 7pm till late....... 

Reached early around 6pm, using the side entrance of Cineleisure, so can see that the organizers are busy setting up the Celcom Xpax banner for the event,  as usual in the weekend the curve is still having terrible traffic jam for those who are rushing to the curve and IKEA for the food court and the furniture as well.

Decided to go in early for the event,

Front of the Library

As it is early so it is still not crowded.

The bar table and is decorated with the Celcom banner.
The voting box for battle of the bands
The Xpax gal and organizer who will assist the fans in voting for their favourites.
The stage for performances at night
Dj turntable, the bass guitar,the electric guitar and the drum are all set to rock for tonight.
As night fell, the number of crowd was increased too.

crowd started to rush in for the party

All the supporters and fans started to book for their favourite band.(in between hoping their name will be SHOUT out for the blackberry torch later lol )

All tables are filled up in a blink of an eye
By this moment, everyone can't wait for the event to start immediately. 

Supporters and Fans try to killed their boredom with their phones while waiting for the events to start.
while waiting and taking random shots, spotted this, It's Sony Music Entertainment CEO Adrian Lim, yeah, he is one of the judges for the battle of the band, and he is waiting too for the party to rock (look kinda fierce as a judge?believe me he is a nice guy^^ )

After the long wait, finally, the Mc-s of the night stood up to the stage and yeah everyone is ready to rock for the party!!!!

By this moment whether u are agree or disagree......... 
that's right, The Disagree is on the stage after the introduction of the MC, yeah they are the 1st performers of the night.

The Disagree's members are tuning for their instrument before rocking on stage.

They are doing really well and warming and heating up the atmosphere and the emotions of everyone in the party.
 c'mon everyone hands in the air!!!!!

yeah, afta the performance from Disagree, the next will be the Battle of the band competition.

4 bands will rock out in battle 2nitez
2}farai hughrie
3)hello,is this the band
4)Once upon a time there was a sausage named bob

The first to stand on stage the Arabella!!!-previously the winner of the Battle of the Bands 2 at YOUTH'09
Here they come, the FarAi Hughgrie, who transforms a hard rock to become tasteful.
Hello? Hello? Hello is this the band rock and rolling, they are from cyberjaya, the lead singer is a real explosive.
bob the sausage?? Mama said Once upon a time there was a sausage named BOB
In the middle of the competition and while waiting for the result to be announced, there are games for the party people to participate and get the chance to win passes to the SHOUT AWARD on 20th of November

participant have to shout all the way out to win  the SHOUT AWARD 2010 pass.
Wait a sec!!!! before announcing of the winner of the battle of the band, Hujan is coming on stage, they really boiling up the atmosphere of the party.....................

the rock spirit of HuJAN!!!!

Announcement of the winner of the battle of the band by sony music entertaiment CEO,Adrian Lim with HUJAN

Farai hughrie-the winner of the battle of the band

After the prize giving ceremony i think everyone is expecting something, who had a Sexy as her name,  that's rite,the malaysian pop queen..........MiZZNINA!!!!!

The queen is making the party overheated
After MizzNina we have Dj ASh/SHLY grooving all the way and the party never ends...........

Random shots during the party:

this bro is very satisfied with his shot

got X,got life!!!

1*dude, your banner is not showing to Arabella lol
2*yeah that's the right side, victory lol
Xpax for ur life lol the X is just everywhere in ur life
take 1: try to take the photo of Sony music entertainment CEO Adrian Lim and other judges 

take 2:he is  still concentrating on the performances :p

take 3: realize that there is camera flashing but not so sure about it ^^

take 4: say cheezzzzzzzzz lol nice shot finally 
sharing the moment

balcony of the library
the schedule of the party

The moments:

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Wow, that's one long post about the event!^^ Lots of lovely photos too~

Well, you did a good work, bs! Keep up the good work, ya? And have a nice day too~ :)

Interesting event. And nice pictures.:)

wow soo happening! :D too bad am back to kk dy dat time, would love to attend it! :D

Erica : Yea luckily he is here to update for me. :)

Jolene : Thank u (on behalf on BS)

Caroline : Ya too bad u went back dy.. don wori got ode chances to attend the next one :)