Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sending Love

Ni hou tai ka (Hello, everyone) ! I'm back from Guangzhou where I miraculously survived pretty well despite my deficiency in speaking Canton. But honestly, they speak pretty much Mandarin these days and they said me n mum can speak very good Mandarin that they did not think we were fr Malaysia. Haha.( yay I'm evolve fr being a banana, eat dat ppl who say I cannot speak Mandarin :p). There's no access to twitter, fb or even blogger there, did not try MSN but I think MSN is also block in China hence the MIA for the past few days. I just got back home, after hours of weary waiting for transit home n I haven unpack. I'm exhausted at the same time excited, but I guess I'm gna take rest first n updates later.

Anyway, i need a favor from all of you, my lovely readers and friends once again.

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So for being such lovely and nice readers and friends who is willing to vote for me, i will dedicate a blog post on any topic that you guys are interest in after i had my rest k. Just leave a comment and lemme noe what you like me to blog about. (of course dont ask for absurd stuff la.. hehe) If not, hmm i will share a lot of nice pictures. :)

Thank you everyone for your time. *huggies* :)

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auww! glad u're back! :D

No wonder MIA for so long. cute picture!

Voted for u darling! ;)

Dolly : Whoopies :)

Caroline : Thanks lots babe :) *hugs*

of cos they don't think you are from Malaysia~
Cos malaysian chinese is far more better than yours~~ wahahaha~

AP : They think we can speak Mandarin fluent enough to be fr China too. Blek. But I don deny that. I noe I still nd to improve lots on my Mandarin. Haha :p

If the chinese from China can understand what you speak,i can use one word to praise you "Marvellous".Keep it up! Speaking mandarin is not a problem,just the writting part is tough.

Dolly : Im not that banana after all. hahahaha

supported you in "like"-ing your pic!
Hey allow me to ask you something
Had you being in the hair shampoo advertisement on the TV or something? You look so familiar to me but just dono where i saw u before
however not the miss Malaysia definitely cause i never watch it before

Olivia : Thanks dear. Hmm nope never done any hair shampoo commercial but i attended a few events before and had a small part of me in certain mags/ads before so mayb thats where u saw me? hehe :)

Maybe (wonderring)
or maybe because you look a like to a singapor artise I guess
Did you got any comment about this before? I mean sombody said that u look like a artise? hehe

Olivia : Haha yea some ppl say I look like certain artiste before but its all diff ppl all the time.Haha..